Angelina Jolie Vs Monica Bellucci: Who Looks Freaking Hot In Nude Shade Outfits?

Angelina Jolie and Monica Bellucci the stunning actresses of Hollywood who have won a lot of accolades and awards for their amazing career work.

Angelina Jolie who made her screen debut with Lookin’ To Get Out, has been part of films Cyborg 2, Hackers, George Wallace, Girl, Interrupted, Wanted, Blood and Honey, Unbroken, First They Killed My Father etc.

Monica Bellucci, the Italian actress has been seen in films Bride of Dracula, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Irreversible, The Passion of the Christ etc.

The two of them are amazing in features and beauty. They look remarkably good in the bold and revealing outfits which make their aura glow more. Angelina and Monica’s nude shade outfits are sheer examples of how gorgeously sensuous they look.

Check them out here.

They look really sizzling and hot, don’t they?

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