Are these true fun facts about Alan Alda or Jamie Farr?

Which one of them played tennis with Gene Wilder and which was inspired by Danny Thomas to start acting?

Both Alan Alda and Jamie Farr have very recognizable names in Hollywood. Alda is known for his role as Hawkeye Pierce and Farr is known for his character Maxwell Klinger, the cross-dressing military man on M*A*S*H.

By now you may know their distinct personalities on M*A*S*H, but how familiar are you with the two actors in real life?

Today we are looking at a variety of true and personal fun facts about Alda and Farr. It’s your job to decide which actor that fun fact belongs to. Good luck!

    1. This person used to play tennis with Dick Van Patten, Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder every Sunday.
    2. Despite his success, this person never had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:
    3. Which of these two actors wore their actual U.S. army-issued dog tags while filming M*A*S*H?
  1. This person was a delivery man for a lithograph company and a post-office clerk before M*A*S*H:
  2. This person was a huge fan of Dragnet (1967), which featured his future M*A*S*H co-star, Harry Morgan.
  3. One of these stars was endorsed by the Mars candy bar in the early ’80s. Which one was it?
  4. Which one of these actors appeared on the cover of TV Guide 11 times during their career?
  5. This person’s favorite curse word was “horse?” And no, we aren’t talking about Col. Potter.
  6. Danny Thomas was this person’s influence to pursue a career in acting:
  7. This person did not sign on to play their character in M*A*S*H until six hours before filming the pilot episode.
  8. This person served in the military in real life and fought in Korea.
  9. Which one of these actors was known for his late ’70s Nabisco Triscuits commercial?
  10. Which of these actors was nominated multiple times for a Tony Award?

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