Audrey Hepburn’s 15 Best Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes

Audrey Hepburn starred in a number of unforgettable classic movies throughout her career, but which were her best according to critics?

Audrey Hepburn is a name withstanding time, an actress remembered in classics such as My Fair Lady, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Roman Holiday. She was classy and charming, always entertaining audiences regardless of what role she was playing.

Her talent as an actress is unparalleled; her characters were all incredibly different, from Holly Golightly to Joanna Wallace to Eliza Doolittle. Hepburn was capable of playing them all immaculately. There are plenty of classics under her belt, but to round out her greatest films, Rotten Tomatoes was consulted.

Updated on May 14th, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: Audrey Hepburn is an iconic actress who rose to fame in the Golden Age of Hollywood as her most famous works were from the 1950s and 1960s even though she continued to work in the film industry until her last movie in 1989. Audrey Hepburn movies are typically romantic comedies but have a lot of drama and she portrays diverse characters from a poor woman with a Cockney accent to a literal Princess. Here are the best Audrey Hepburn movies according to ratings from Rotten Tomatoes.

15Always (1989) (64%)  – Available To Buy On Amazon Prime Video

Always doesn’t revolve around Audrey Hepburn, but instead focuses on a group of pilots who risk their lives to help fight forest fires with Hepburn only having a small role. Pete (Richard Dreyfuss) is one of the pilots and his girlfriend (Holly Hunter) wishes he would quit but he decides to go on one last run.

Audrey Hepburn appears in the movie as Hap, a supernatural being that meets with Pete and tells him that he didn’t survive his last flight, but is going to be sent back to Earth to fulfill his final purpose and help those he left behind before returning to Heaven. While not the highest-rated Steven Spielberg movie by a long way, it still makes this list.

14 Robin And Marian (1976) (73%) – Available To Buy On Amazon Prime Video

Audrey Hepburn stars in this adaptation of the classic Robin Hood tale with a new spin as it follows both an aging Robin Hood (Sean Connery) and Maid Marian (Hepburn).

Robin and Little John return to England after years of fighting in France, and Robin is interested in trying to find his past love Maid Marian. Trouble quickly finds the trio when Marian is ordered to be arrested since she’s become a leader in the Roman Catholic Church and Robin decides to interfere against her wishes. The movie has as much action as the original tale, but more drama and romance introduced as well.

13 The Children’s Hour (1961) (78%)  – Available On Tubi

Audrey Hepburn Shirley MacLaine star in this 1960s drama as two life-long friends who run a boarding school for young girls together.

Martha (MacLaine) and Karen (Hepburn) have to discipline one of the girls after she lies and, as revenge, the young girl starts a rumor that Martha and Karen are lovers. The rumor spreads and parents begin to take their kids out of their school so the two women sue for libel.

12 Two For The Road (1967) (81%) – Available To Buy On Amazon Prime Video

Two for the Road is equal parts romantic and dramatic as it follows a couple portrayed by Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney who have been married for 10 years.

The two travel to France on business and begin to reminisce about the beginning of their relationship. There’s a romance between the two, but they have a difficult time keeping the passion between them after years of marriage as the movie shifts back and forth as the couple tries to fall back into love but are tempted by infidelity.

11 Funny Face (1957) (87%) – Available On Amazon Prime Video And Pluto TV

Funny Face is a musical rom-com starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire who start a business friendship that they eventually try to turn into a romance but find it difficult at every turn.

A photographer (Astaire) sees a woman (Hepburn) in one of his photographs and he quickly becomes enamored with her and thinks she’d be a successful model. The bookstore worker agrees to go to Paris with him and begin a modeling career with him taking photos for her portfolio.

10 Love In The Afternoon (1957) (88%)  – Available On Hoopla

This 1957 rom-com stars Gary Cooper as Frank and Audrey Hepburn as Ariane. Ariane is the daughter of a private investigator specializing in cases concerning unfaithful husbands and wives; she gets caught up in one such case after one of her father’s clients learns his wife is cheating and decides to kill her lover, Frank.

Rushing to warn him, Hepburn ends up falling in love with Frank and creating a facade of herself as a femme fatale, until he ironically hires her own father to investigate her as he knows nothing about her. Ariane’s father tells him to let her go as she’s looking for a serious relationship. Frank leaves by train, but the romantic happy ending is still in store as Ariane races along the platform after him until he pulls her onto the train with him. Through a voiceover, audiences find out the couple later married.

9 The Nun’s Story (1959) (88%) – Available To Buy On Amazon Prime Video

Audrey Hepburn stars as Sister Luke/Gabrielle “Gaby” Van Der Mal, a young woman that enters a convent of nursing sisters in the latter part of the 1920s. She frequently struggles with her vows, particularly in obedience. She is given the difficult assignment of working in a European mental hospital when she actually desired a position in the Belgian Congo, and once she finally does get her desired post, she comes down with a case of tuberculosis.

These events, combined with the loss of her father and how she deals with the Nazi occupation, lead to her giving up life as a nun and she is granted a dispensation from her vows. Hepburn’s performance was especially noteworthy and powerful in this film.

8 Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961) (89%) – Available To Buy On Amazon Prime Video

Holly Golightly is probably Audrey Hepburn’s best-known character. Holly transformed from a country girl into a Manhattan socialite, dressing elegantly and leading a unique lifestyle, becoming a fashion icon for all time. She strikes up a friendship with her neighbor Paul (George Peppard), a writer, and is saving money to support her brother upon his return from the Army.

She schemes to marry men for their money, unaware of Paul’s feelings for her, until Paul finally confronts her, which changes Holly’s mind about going to Brazil to follow another man and races instead after Paul, finding a happy ending with him.

7 Sabrina (1954) (93%) – Available On Pluto TV

Sabrina Fairchild (Hepburn) is the daughter of the chauffeur of the wealthy Larrabee family. She is secretly in love with the Larrabee family’s oldest son David (William Holden), though he pays her no mind, considering her a child. She tries to commit suicide upon finding David with another woman but is stopped by David’s older brother Linus (Humphrey Bogart).

Sabrina goes on to attend a leading culinary school in Paris and returns as a sophisticated woman, and initially unrecognizable to David. David soon begins developing feelings for her but is tied up by an impending marriage and accompanying merger of his family’s company to his fianceé’s. It is not meant to be, as Sabrina falls for Linus, and David winds up helping the two get together while going through with his own marriage, leading to a different kind of happy ending.

6 Charade (1963) (94%) – Available On Amazon Prime Video, Pluto TV, Tubi, And Vudu

Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant star in this 1963 gem. Hepburn’s character returns home to Paris to discover her home cleared out and that her husband has been murdered. From then on, she is thrown into a chaotic mystery as she discovers who her husband really was while trying to pin down Cary Grant and his many aliases.

Not only that, but she must find out the truth, and missing money, while trying to stay alive. Nothing is at it seems, and Charade takes audiences on a non-stop thrill ride with Hepburn at the helm.

5 My Fair Lady (1964) (95%) – Available On Netflix

Hepburn stars as Eliza Doolittle, a poor girl with a strong Cockney accent. She meets Professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison), a scholar of phonetics, who boasts he could teach anyone to speak well enough that they could be passed off as a duke or duchess at an embassy ball.

Eliza shows up at his home for lessons, hoping to one day work in a flower shop, and from then on the two begin a rocky journey of working on Eliza’s accent. Eliza puts up with many insults and phonetics, eventually leaving Higgins. However, Higgins eventually realizes how significant Eliza has become in his life, and she returns as he’s listening to a recording of her voice.

4 Wait Until Dark (1967) (96%) – Available On DirecTV And TCM

Hepburn does a remarkable job playing Susy, a woman blinded by an accident, who unintentionally gets mixed up in a drug crime. Her photographer husband has accepted a doll but is unaware it contains heroin.

Soon, criminals looking to retrieve the doll appear to trick Susy into trusting them, though she soon begins to suspect them. Susy relies on her wits once she realizes the truth and that the phone cord has been cut; she plunges the apartment into darkness apart from a safelight to defend herself. She bravely does so, and luckily is found unharmed following her harrowing ordeal.

3 Roman Holiday (1953) (97%) – Available On Amazon Prime Video And Paramount+

This 1953 rom-com stars Audrey Hepburn as Princess Ann and Gregory Peck as reporter Joe Bradley. Ann, tired of her royal duties, runs away and ends up spending a day exploring and enjoying Rome, joined by Joe. Though Joe initially intends to get an exclusive interview, he winds up not doing so out of respect for Ann, who he’s developed feelings for.

Sadly, their time together is cut short when Ann resumes her royal duties, knowing her fun had to come to an end. However, it’s not before she shares a meaningful goodbye with Joe, and is given photographs, taken by Joe’s friend, as a memento of her day with Joe in Rome.

2 The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) (100%) – Available On FlixFling

Hepburn had a small part near the film’s beginning as Chiquita, who was something of a consort of Henry Holland’s (Alec Guinness), one of the film’s main characters.

Chiquita is given some money as a “birthday present” by Holland and she thanks him with a “how sweet of you!” before leaving. Though a bit part, it was an early glance into the greatness that Audrey Hepburn was, and a hint of what was to come from her.

1 How To Steal A Million (1966) (100%) – Available To Buy On Amazon Prime Video

This heist comedy finds Hepburn playing the role of Nicole Bonnet, the daughter of a man that forges and sells the paintings of famous artists. Trying to protect her father when one of his fakes may be discovered, Nicole asks a burglar she previously met named Simon to steal it before it’s discovered as a phony, ironically not knowing Simon is actually an investigator hired by art galleries to detect forgeries and the like.

Somehow despite some mishaps, the two pull off the heist, save Nicole’s father, and fall in love, as Nicole and Simon are preparing to elope in the film’s conclusion.

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