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Baby Yoda Munches On A Pollos Hermanos Taco In Breaking Bad Crossover Art

Baby Yoda munches away on a taco while clutching a Los Pollos Hermanos cup in adorable new The Mandalorian/Breaking Bad crossover fan art.

Baby Yoda eats a Los Pollos Hermanos taco in Breaking Bad/The Mandalorian crossover art. After debuting in shocking fashion in the first episode of The Mandalorian season 1, Baby Yoda quickly grew to become a phenomenon, launching endless internet memes while kicking off a hugely lucrative merchandising campaign for Lucasfilm and Disney. But things got much more serious for The Child in season 2, as his true nature and real name were both revealed, setting up the stunning and much discussed events of the season 2 finale episode “The Rescue.”

But before Grogu aka Baby Yoda could meet up with his new mentor in the final season 2 moments, The Mandalorian took a few last chances to have fun with the character, leading to more adorable memes. Eating scenes have of course been a big source of such memes over the course of 2 seasons, as in season 1 when Baby Yoda ate a frog whole and in another scene pensively sipped on bone broth while Din Djarin and Cara Dune fought each other. The ante was definitely upped in terms of Baby Yoda’s season 2 diet, as the little green alien was seen munching on blue cookies – and of course getting sick – and, in an incident that actually caused controversy, downed a few precious eggs belonging to an alien character known only as Frog Lady. Thankfully, the show later redeemed Grogu’s shocking egg eating by showing him playing with one of Frog Lady’s tiny spawn.

In honor of Baby Yoda and his love of eating just about anything he can get his hands on, DC Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee shared a sketch he recently made during a Twitch stream, depicting Grogu munching a taco and significantly clutching a cup emblazoned with the name Los Pollos Hermanos. Fans of the great AMC series Breaking Bad will of course immediately recognize Los Pollos Hermanos as the fried chicken chain owned by big bad Gus Fring, though it’s interesting that the art sees Baby Yoda eating a taco, an item not automatically associated with the fictional fried chicken establishment. See the art in the space below:

Baby Yoda Munches On A Pollos Hermanos Taco In Breaking Bad Crossover Art

Obviously there is special significance to Baby Yoda clutching a cup from Breaking Bad’s infamous meth-front chicken restaurant, as the chain’s owner Fring was played by Giancarlo Esposito, the same man who played Baby Yoda’s captor Moff Gideon on Mandalorian. Esposito has of course become well-known for his talent at playing chilling villains, a reputation that was largely launched by his unforgettable portrayal of the coldly calculating and ultimately ruthless chicken guru and meth kingpin Fring.

It remains to be seen what will be next for Esposito’s latest creation Moff Gideon on The Mandalorian, but it’s certain that he’s not the only villain in the galaxy with designs on recreating the Empire. Indeed, Gideon’s activities on the show came across as an early stage in the formation of the First Order, the villainous group led by Kylo Ren in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. No doubt, Din Djarin will continue to come across bad guys like Moff Gideon as the galaxy remains dangerous place. As for Baby Yoda, his future remains very much up in the air as well, as The Mandalorian seems ready to transition into an entirely new story for Djarin. Of course there will soon be multiple new Star Wars shows on Disney+, so Grogu will have plenty of chances to resurface again, hungry as always.

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