Babylon 5: The Road Home Cast Guide – Every Babylon 5 Character Returning In The Animated Movie

The Babylon 5: The Road Home cast includes several returning characters and some recast characters as the story continues the classic TV show.


  •  The Babylon 5: The Road Home cast features original actors reprising their roles alongside new voice actors, creating a blend of familiar and fresh voices.
  •  Bruce Boxleitner returns as John Sheridan, the leader of Babylon 5 who embarks on a journey through time and multiple realities.
  •  The animated movie explores the aftermath of John Sheridan winning the Shadow Wars and delves into new revelations about the history of the universe.

The Babylon 5: The Road Home cast has been unveiled, and several of the show’s original actors are returning to reprise their roles. There are also a few new names, from voice actors who took on roles that the original actors were not available to reprise. This is an animated movie that follows the same story that the 1990s TV series covered, with J, Michael Straczynski returning to the franchise he helped create. John Sheridan ends up transported through multiple timelines and realities as he tries to find his way back home. Along the way, he meets up with familiar faces and discovers new revelations about the history of the universe.

With John Sheridan as the leader on Babylon 5 who ends up as the President of the Interstellar Alliance in the final season. How he ends up thrown through time in the Babylon 5: The Road Home animated series remains to be seen. What is known is that in the Babylon 5: The Road Home cast, Bruce Boxletter is back as John, voicing the role of the character he played for four seasons. However, he is not the only actor returning to his role from the show, as popular names like Claudia Christian, Peter Jurasik, and Tracy Scoggins are returning as well.

Bruce Boxleitner as John Sheridan

Bruce Boxleitner as John Sheridan in Babylon 5

Bruce Boxleitner plays John Sheridan in the Babylon 5: The Road Home cast. When the series ended, John was nearing the end of the 20 years that Lorien had given him when she saved his life in season 4. However, he left to die and when the ship returned, he was no longer on it and his body never found. Babylon 5: The Road Home tells the story of what happened after John won the Shadow Wars.

Bruce Boxleitner is an actor from Illinois who for his start on TV, with his biggest early role coming on Scarecrow and Mrs. Kingwith Kate Jackson. However, the biggest role of his career was as John Sheridan on Babylon 5, which he played for four seasons, making his debut in season 2. He also appeared in movies TronTron: Legacy, and 51. Boxleitner also played the U.S. President in Supergirl on TV and starred in Cedar CoveHeroesChuck, and Young Blades.

Claudia Christian as Susan Ivanova

Claudia Christian as Susan Ivanova in Babylon 5

Claudia Christian’s Babylon 5: The Road Home character is Susan Ivanova​​​​​​​. Susan was the lieutenant commander in the first season, rising to the rank of commander in the second. She was also the first officer of the Babylon 5 space station. She only appeared one time in the final season, but took over as leader of the Anta-shok. Christian played Susan in the original Babylon 5 series.

The Californian actress Claudia Christian has had a long career as a television actor before appearing on Babylon 5. Christian’s first appearance was on Dallas, and she went on to have roles in everything from Falcon Crest and Quantum Leap to Matlock and Murder She Wrote. Most recently, she portrayed the role of Captain Maynard in 9-1-1. She also appeared in movies like Half Past Dead and voiced Helga Sinclair in Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari

Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari

Peter Jurasik joins the cast of Babylon 5: The Road Home as Londo Mollari. Londo started off on Babylon 5 as comic relief, but he became an extremely important character as the show wore on. He was an emitted patriot of a dying empire and became a pawn of the Shadows. He died at the end, making things right after his plots and secrets.

Jurasik, an actor from New York, portrayed Londo in the live-action series, reprising the role as a voice actor. Peter Jurasik may be best known for his role as Londo on Babylon 5, but he also had other TV roles he was famous for. He appeared on M*A*S*H as a CID investigator, was on three episodes of Sliders, and starred as Sid the Snitch in Hill Street Blues. He also appeared in the movies TronProblem Child, and Runaway Jury.

Bill Mumy as Lennier

Bill Mumy as Lennier in Babylon 5

Bill Mumy plays Lennier in the Babylon 5: The Road Home cast​​​​​​​. Lennier is an ambassador to Delenn and appeared in all five seasons of the series. His fate on the show was a sad one, where he ran away after he fled rather than save John Sheridan, and he was never seen again on Babylon 5. Mumy played Lennier in the Babylon 5 TV series. Mumy is an actor from California who got his start as a child actor, getting his first roles at the age of five.

In the 1960s, Bill Mumy appeared on several TV shows as a child, including BewitchedThe Twilight Zone, and I Dream of Jeannie. He then got his biggest role when he starred as Will Robinson in the 1960s Lost in Space series. As a voice actor, he has worked on shows like Batman: The Animated SeriesDoc McStuffinsRen and Stimpy, and Scooby-Doo.

Tracy Scoggins as Elizabeth Lochley

Tracy Scoggins as Elizabeth Lochley on Babylon 5

Tracy Scoggins’s Babylon 5: The Road Home character is Elizabeth Lochley​​​​​​​. Elizabeth showed up in the final season of Babylon 5, and she replaced John Sheridan as the commander of the station when he became the President. She also became the main female star on the show, as this was also when Claudia Christian’s Susan left, only appearing in one episode that season. She was still the captain five years after the show ended in the spin-off Crusade.

Tracy Scroggins is an actor from Texas that started her career as a model before moving into acting. She got her first role in an episode of Dukes of Hazzard and then picked up a regular role in the short-lived series The Renegades. She had several guest TV appearances after that before picking up a starring role on the Dynasty spinoff The Colbys as Monica Colby. She also played Cat Grant in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and had a guest role on Nip/Tuck.

Patricia Tallman as Lyta Alexander

Patricia Tallman as Lyta Alexander on Babylon 5

Patricia Tallman joins the cast of Babylon 5: The Road Home as Lyta Alexander​​​​​​​. Lyta was one of the original characters on Babylon 5, a sixth-generation telepath who underwent some massive changes throughout the series. Tallman portrayed Lyta on the Babylon 5 TV series and returns to the Babylon 5: The Road Home cast to voice the same character. Tallman is an actor from Illinois who got her start in theater productions, though she’s since had regular work on the small screen.

Tallman’s big break came on TV when she took on the role of Christ Russell in the soap opera Generations. On top of her role in Babylon 5, she also appeared in three different Star Trek series, with roles in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. In movies, she appeared in Road House, the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead, and Atlas Shrugged: Part II.

Paul Guyet as Zathras & Jeffrey Sinclair

Paul Guyet as Zathras on Babylon 5

Paul Guyet plays Zathras & Jeffrey Sinclair in the Babylon 5: The Road Home cast​​​​​​​. Paul Guyet is a new voice artist for already-established characters. Zathras is a name that several characters share, all played by Tim Choate in the original series. There were a total of 10 of the characters, all shaggy, hunchbacked humanoids. Jeffrey Sinclair was commander of Babylon 5 in the first season before John took over the role.

Paul Guyet is a voice actor with an extensive list of credits. His first role came in the TV series Unker & Physia in 2012, where he voiced Unker. He also voiced characters in several video games, including different Worlds of Warcraft games and Red Dead Redemption II (as Bertram). Other credits include Lupin III: The FirstGodzilla Tales, and Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy (as Heatwave).

Anthony Hansen as Michael Garibaldi

Voice artist Anthony Hansen

Anthony Hansen’s Babylon 5: The Road Home character is Michael Garibaldi​​​​​​​. Michael was the Chief of Security on Babylon 5 through most of the series. By the final season, he was the Director of Covert Intelligence for the new Interstellar Alliance. His character needed a new voice actor, as Jerry Doyle tragically passed away in 2016. For the animated Babylon 5 adventure, voice actor Anthony Hansen has stepped in.

Anthony Hansen is an actor from South Florida who has worked as a voice actor in video games and TV shows. In the world of video games, he voiced roles in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, Diablo III, Batman: Arkham Knight, Star Wars: Battlefront, and God of War. His TV roles are limited, with voices in Doeaemon and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Phil LaMarr as Dr. Stephen Franklin

Phil LaMarr joins Babylon 5

Phil LaMarr joins the cast of Babylon 5: The Road Home as Dr. Stephen Franklin​​​​​​​. Franklin was the chief medical officer on Babylon 5 and was part of the cast for all five seasons of the show. He eventually became Head of Xenobiological Research in the final season and appeared on Crusade, the spin-off. Richard Biggs played Franklin in the TV series, but he died in 2004. LaMarr, an actor from Los Angeles, steps in to voice the character as his replacement.

LaMarr got his breakout when he joined the Mad TV cast as one of the main comedians on the show. He performed on the sketch series for five seasons. He also has extensive voice acting experience, including in cartoons like Justice League (as John Stewart), Futurama (as Hermes Conrad), Samurai Jack (as Samurai Jack), and Static Shock (as Static Shock). He also played Marvin, the unlucky inside man in Pulp Fiction.

Piotr Michael as David Sheridan

Piotr Michael joins Babylon 5 cast

Piotr Michael plays David Sheridan in the Babylon 5: The Road Home cast​​​​​​​. David was John Sheridan’s son with wife Delenn. He did not appear in the original TV show, but was part of the novel in the canon Legions of Fire series. Michael is an actor from Los Angeles who got his start with the improv group The Groundlings.

Michael has an extensive list of voice credits, even though his career in the medium only started in 2005. On TV, he has voiced characters in Homemade MoviesJustice League ActionThe Adventures of Rocky and BullwinkleWizardsWhere’s Waldo?, Beavis and Butt-Head, and Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny. He also voiced characters in the movie Norm of the North.

Andrew Morgado as G’Kar

Voice actor Andrew Morgado

Andrew Morgado’s Babylon 5: The Road Home character is G’Kar​​​​​​​. He is a villain who is a diplomat opposite Londo Mollari. He is often involved in various diabolical schemes. Andreas Katsulas played G’Kar in the original TV series, but he died in 2006, meaning the Babylon 5: The Road Home cast needed a replacement to give his character a proper continuation. Andrew Morgado, who has stepped in to play G’Kar, is a voice actor who got his start in 2003.

Morgado has some extensive video game work, with voices in Diablo IVCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Mortal Kombat 11. On TV, he voiced Fro Yo in Velma, was the narrator of the 2021 version of America’s Most Wanted, and voiced characters on GrimmLovecraft CountrySupergirl, and Archer. He also provided additional voices for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, as well as voicing Cliffjumper in Bumblebee.

Rebecca Riedy as Delenn

Delenn from Babylon 5

Rebecca Riedy joins the cast of Babylon 5: The Road Home as Delenn. In the original series, she started out as a Minbari, but she became a human’Minbari hybrid in the second season. She ended up marrying John Sherifan in season 4, and they had a child named David. Delenn also became President when John refused to run for re-election. Mira Furlan played Delenn in Babylon 5, but Furlan died in 2021. Reidy is a voice actor born in Kansas City.

Riedy has voiced characters in several video games, including Dead to RightsResident Evil: Operation Raccoon CitySaints Row IV, and Grand Theft Auto V. She also voiced a role on the Netflix adult animated series Love, Death & Robots and appeared in Escape Room as the Puzzle Maker.

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