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Better Call Saul: 5 Ways We Need A Walter & Jesse Cameo (& 5 Why We Don’t)

Some fans of Better Call Saul are desperate for a callback to Breaking Bad's leading characters, but, for some, it would hinder the series.

Ever since one of the best shows in the history of television, Breaking Bad, ended its epic five-season run, fans have been wondering and hoping that Jesse Pinkman and Walter White will return in some form. When the spinoff Better Call Saul arrived in 2015, fans’ hopes rose.

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While audiences have yet to see either character pop up in the prequel, it has brought up the question and even speculations of how or even should the characters return, even if just for a cameo. Here are five ways we need a Walter and Jesse cameo, and five why we don’t.

Need: Saul Being Kidnapped

Given that Better Call Saul takes place heavily in the past, one of the best ways for Walter and Jesse to appear would be at the very end of the show, showcasing the final change from Jimmy to Saul.

In the final moments of the show, audiences would see Saul finally finish his transition from Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman. Then, years down the line, he’s walking to his car one night and is kidnapped by Jesse and Walter, ending the series and connecting it to the original show.

Don’t: More World Building

As strange as it sounds, a lot of shows sometimes need to lay off on the universe and worldbuilding. In small amounts, the world-building can work, creating a rich and vibrant world that can exist on its own with a few nods to larger universes.

However, throwing in the world of Jesse and Walter, even in a brief cameo with Saul’s, could upend the show entirely and add too much world-building to the mix, taking away from the world already established and shaking it up.

Need: Wrapping Up Lalo’s Story

After Saul is kidnapped by Walter and Jesse in his first appearance, he believes that they are working for someone named Lalo, a simple one-off name drop that Better Call Saul made into one of the best villains in the Breaking Bad universe.

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Wrapping up Lalo’s story with Walter and Jesse would both make for a great cameo from both of them and showcase transitions for both characters, with Jimmy growing more into Saul as he calls on Walter, changing into Heisenberg, to deal with Lalo.

Don’t: No Need To Include Them

Despite Better Call Saul resting in the middle of the world of Breaking Bad, the story in of itself has been and will be about Jimmy McGill and Saul Goodman. While there are references and connections to Gus Fring and Mike Ehrmantraut, the story generally revolves around Jimmy’s evolution into Saul.

As such, there is no real need to add Walter and Jesse into the mix, as Saul’s actions do not indirectly affect them as characters. Their stories and actions are far and away from Jimmy becoming Saul.

Need: Fill In Some Gaps

When audiences were first introduced to Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad, it was never intended to be as long-lasting as it became. Due to that, Saul’s appearance in some of the seasons was limited, making fans wonder where or what Saul might be doing during those episodes.

With a cameo from Walter or Jesse, the holes can be filled, showing audiences Saul making deals with either one of them while also cutting more ties to his past. It would be a way for audiences to see the two worlds collide and also see more of Jimmy’s transformation into Saul.

Don’t: Wouldn’t Add To Story

With anything in the Breaking Bad universe, most character inclusions are either key or effect the story in one form or another. Characters aren’t simply shoehorned in without any rhyme, reason, or purpose to be brought up later down the line.

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The problem with introducing Walter and Jesse in a brief cameo is the off chance that they may not add anything to the overarching story. Their appearance may end up gumming up the story already established instead of driving it towards its conclusion.

Need: Connect The Two Timelines

Something that separates Better Call Saul from Breaking Bad is the fact that it’s operating on two separate timelines. One timeline, the main one, follows Jimmy McGill as he slowly becomes Saul Goodman, and the other takes place after the events of Breaking Bad, with Saul in hiding.

A cameo from either Walter, Jesse, or both of them would serve to connect the timelines together and ultimately bridge the gap between the two worlds, cementing the TV universe that Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are slowly forming.

Don’t: Fan Service

Over more recent years, there’s been one issue that has made itself prevalent in many tv shows and movies: the use of fan service. Sometimes, fan service works to better a movie, like in a super-hero flick. But, used incorrectly, fan service can feel empty and meaningless.

In the case of Better Call Saul, including Jesse and Walter could go either way. For many, it could feel like an interesting inclusion of both characters, and yet, for others, it could feel shoved in and unnecessary, throwing everyone off.

Need: The Commercials

It would be a stroke of poetic genius to end the Better Call Saul on one of his commercials, given that’s also how the show begins, with Saul, hiding under the name Gene, reminiscing over his past by watching a commercial of the old life.

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In the show’s final few episodes, the filmmakers could show Saul growing more and more popular and recording more commercials, until, one day, it catches the eye of Jesse and Walter, looking for a solution to their Badger problem and leading them to Saul.

Don’t: Already Perfect Endings

One of the main reasons why Breaking Bad is a very highly praised and honored show is mostly due to the fact that it ended at the right time. Most tv shows have the problem of going for ten seasons with little direction, something Breaking Bad avoided.

However, due to the nature of wrapping things up perfectly in not just the show, but also a follow-up film, El Camino, it feels as if Walter and Jesse’s stories are over and even simple cameos might threaten undoing them.

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