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Better Call Saul Season 6 Seems To Be Filming At A Key Breaking Bad Location

The much-awaited final season of Better Call Saul films at a landmark Breaking Bad location, connecting the show closer to its predecessor.

The final season of Better Call Saul seems to be inching closer to Breaking Bad as filming appears to feature a key location from its predecessor. Filming for the sixth season has been underway since March and since then, there have been many teasers from the creators and its stars about the events that will occur. This season of Better Call Saul specifically has been synonymous with its connection to Breaking Bad due to the character of Jimmy McGill, who fans know as Saul Goodman in the Walter White crime drama, and his journey to becoming a “criminal” attorney

With Better Call Saul being the prequel to Breaking Bad, fans of the show get a taste of both past and future timelines, with seeing Jimmy’s fall from grace over the course of both series. As Better Call Saul keeps progressing further into its run, the show gets closer to the timeline of Breaking Bad, and having a final season of thirteen episodes to tie a lot of loose ends together, it is all but assured that certain memorable locations from its predecessor will start blend their way in.

Per Snopes, it has been reported that the final season of Better Call Saul was spotted filming at the Crossroads Motel, with a post on TikTok by Panda Kwiot. The motel has appeared in the early seasons of Breaking Bad and was nicknamed “The Crystal Palace,” as it was populated by drug addicts and a certain prostitute. The TikTok photo showed what appeared to be Bob Odenkirk, on a break from filming, with an attire that is very unlikely for Saul Goodman or Jimmy McGill to wear. The photo can be seen below:

The suit and the hairstyle on Jimmy McGill make him resemble and share the similar features of Howard Hamlin, whom he has not been on good terms with as of late. The previous season ended with Jimmy’s wife, Kim Wexler, suggesting a plan to sabotage Howard much to his surprise and amazement. Since the series has featured many instances of Jimmy’s intelligent and elaborate scams, sometimes with Kim, pulling off another con by impersonation toward his path to Saul Goodman, is not outside the realm of possibility, especially since he is very much familiar with it.

It will be intriguing to see the context of that scene when Better Call Saul premieres its sixth season sometime in 2022. The show is currently set in 2004, which is four years before the pilot of Breaking Bad, leaving many more stories left to be told for the upcoming final season. With the reputation of the Crossroads Motel in the Breaking Bad universe, it is ominous for Jimmy McGill to hang around, and fans will have to wait to see the future mischief that he ends up pulling and where that will lead him.

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