‘Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Recalled His TV Mom Florence Henderson Blessing His Marriage Prior to Her Death

The love Florence Henderson showed for her three daughters and three stepsons on The Brady Bunch wasn’t just acting. Her on-set children viewed her as a maternal figure in their lives.

Christopher Knight, who played middle son Peter on The Brady Bunch, viewed Henderson as a second mother, especially after his real mom passed away. So to have her blessing for a monumental life moment was special.

In a recent interview with Fox, Knight talked about a dinner and conversation he had with Henderson in the months before she died in 2016. Henderson wanted to meet Knight’s then-girlfriend. If she truly was a special woman in Knight’s life, Henderson needed to give her approval. And that’s especially because Knight already had been married three times.

“That was very special,” the Brady Bunch son said about his TV mom’s request. “I had to hear jabs and certainly took joking, ribbing from her at the attempts I had made in the past that didn’t stick. Didn’t work. But she did. (Henderson) met Cara. It wasn’t asked for. She volunteered it.

“But that’s the position she took in my life,” Knight said. “My mom had passed away, but even before my mom did, I had two moms. At that point, I had one. And it was just a wonderful feeling.”

TV host Kelly Ripa poses with cast members of The Brady Bunch. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for TV Land)

Brady Bunch Star Planned Another Meet Up with TV Mom

Knight married Cara Kokenes in 2016. So they’re celebrating their sixth-year anniversary this year, which would tie his longest marriage. Knight was married to Adrianne Curry, an inaugural winner of the reality show America’s Next Top Model, from 2006-12.

Knight told Fox that he and Cara planned to get together with Henderson after they married. But sadly, Henderson died, suddenly, just before Thanksgiving, 2016. Three days before her death, she’d attended a Dancing with the Stars taping. Maureen McCormick, her oldest daughter on The Brady Bunch, was competing on the reality show, so Henderson wanted to watch her perform.

The planned meet-up with Henderson, Knight and his new wife never happened.

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to follow up on the plans that we had made after our wedding to come back and visit because she had passed away,” said Knight. “But we did get a nice, wonderful dinner and her support before that happened. She’s just a huge person in all of our lives. And I think part of the reason that we’re well-adjusted or that we still get along is that we had her. I don’t know if you call it old school or just classy or caring. But she was just a wonderful person to have had as somebody that you can look up to. And, by example, try to become.”

Ann B. Davis, who portrayed housekeeper Alice on The Brady Bunch, also viewed the TV children as her own blood. Read about it here.

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