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Breaking Bad: 10 Best Child Characters

Breaking Bad has some notable youngsters such as Brock and Walter White Jr. However, these aren't the only outstanding child characters on the show.

Breaking Bad is populated with adult characters, most of whom are either major players in meth cooking and the Albuquerque drug trade or are friends and family of Walter White. Even though the grown-ups take up a huge chunk of screentime, there is room for those below the age of 18.

A good number of the children are as dear to the fans as they are to the adult characters with whom they are associated. Despite the show having complex themes, these child characters fit in not only because they are well-written, but because each of them helps lighten up a detailed show whose themes can become heavy and overwhelming.

Brock Cantillo

Jesse on a family date with Andrea and Brock in Breaking Bad

Andrea’s 6-year-old son Brock becomes one of Jesse’s closest friends soon after he meets him. The two are often seen playing video games together and cracking jokes.

Brock influences several decisions that Jesse makes throughout the series; it is after learning that Andrea has a son that Jesse chooses to become serious with her, and he stops treating her like a customer. Brock is also the reason Jesse moves Andrea to a better and safer neighborhood. More importantly, Brock’s poisoning is what brings Jesse on board with the idea of killing Gus.

Walter White Jr.

Walt’s son, who suffers from cerebral palsy, has a love-hate relationship with him. He juggles between seeing him as a loving dad and a man who is nowhere near as cool as his uncle Hank.

Walter Jr. deserves credit for making Walt change his mind about not getting treatment for his lung cancer. Throughout the series, Walter Jr. also highlights both Walt’s strengths and the errors of his ways. Whenever Walt does something silly, Walter Jr. becomes seriously angry at him, and, whenever he has stepped up, Walter Jr appreciates him for it.

Jake Pinkman

Jesse has been known to be a constant source of stress to his parents, but his younger brother Jake didn’t follow his path. He does well in school, plays soccer, and is also good with musical instruments. His parents are, as a result, wary of him spending time with Jesse.

Like Brock, Jake also reminds viewers of Jesse’s love for children. Regardless of the radically different treatment they receive from their parents, Jake and Jesse are close. Jesse loves his brother and wants the best for him. He is more than glad to take the fall and plead guilty when their parents find weed in the house. They conclude it’s Jesse’s, but it’s actually Jake’s.

Kaylee Ehrmantraut

Kaylee and Mike playing together

Kaylee is mostly seen spending quality time with her grandfather Mike. She is the only close family he has had since her father died, so he values her a lot and tries to make sure she gets the best life. When Mike dies, Jesse sends her $2.5 million.

Kaylee helps Mike appear more human. Normally, he is cleaning up crimes scenes, bullying Walt, and Saul or doing Gus Fring’s dirty work. Whenever Mike is with Kaylee, however, he forgets how chaotic his life is. He is relaxed and happy for those brief moments until another urgent matter comes up.

Drew Sharp

Drew Sharp wearing a bike helmet in Breaking Bad

Drew is first seen riding across the desert in his dirt bike. He spots a tarantula and decides to keep it. Unfortunately, he also becomes a witness to the infamous train heist. To prevent him from talking, Todd shoots him, resulting in one of the saddest deaths in Breaking Bad.

It’s through Drew’s death that the show transform’s Todd from Walt’s errand boy to a proper psychopathic villain. It’s obvious that Drew is a nice kid who means no harm, given the way he waves at the heist crew. The bitter rivalry between Jesse and Todd also begins after the Drew incident. It satisfyingly ends with Jesse killing Todd. Drew is also the reason Jesse begins feeling guilty for every crime he has ever committed, making him consider quitting the drug trade entirely.

Holly White

Skyler comforts a crying Baby Holly in Breaking Bad

Walt and Skyler’s infant daughter is the result of an unplanned pregnancy. Holly ends up becoming part of Walt and Skyler’s iconic moments throughout the series.

Holly is a symbol of Walt and Skyler’s failing marriage, and Walt doesn’t even manage to be present when she is born. Instead, it’s Skyler’s boss, Ted, who takes her to hospital—a man she eventually cheats with. Through Holly, viewers learn how afraid Walt is to lose his family. She is at the center of Walt and Skyler’s worst-ever argument when Walt takes off with her after Skyler attempts to stab him.  Eventually, he is forced to admit that his criminal career has led him to the point where he can never be a proper family man again.

Tomás Cantillo

Tomás is at the center of one of the most shocking moments in Breaking Bad when he shoots Jesse’s friend Combo for selling meth in a rival dealer’s territory. The scene is iconic, as it first starts with Tomás circling Combo with a bike before pulling out a gun.

The revelation that he is Andrea’s brother makes little sense, but Tomás serves an important purpose in the series. It’s Tomás’ murder of Combo that influences Walt and Jesse to take the next step in their business, quitting the streets and finding a major distributor to partner with.

This move helps them become big-time players in the drug trade. Tomás also reemphasizes the fact that the show’s characters are shaped by the society in which they grow up. Having grown up in one of Albuquerque’s projects, Tomás finds himself with little choice but to venture into a life of crime.


The unruly student gets called out for Walt for flirting in class, Chad is later seen driving one of the most expensive cars in Breaking Bad, a Chevrolet Corvette C6, which he takes to the A1A Car Wash. He is amused to find out that his teacher Walt is washing cars.

Chad might be the stereotypical high school bully, but he triggers a moment of awakening in Walt. Together with the cancer diagnosis, he is part of the reason why Walt has that “breaking bad” moment. His treatment of Walt makes the Chemistry teacher realize that he deserves more in life, and his doubts about whether he should start cooking meth or not begin to subside.


Barry is keen on getting good grades without studying. He requests Walt to “let his bad grades slide” so that he doesn’t go to summer school. After the Wayfarer 515 plane crash, he also speaks at the assembly where he suggests giving the students preferential grades since they are mourning.

Barry’s appeal comes from the comic relief he provides. He only appears briefly, but he leaves a lasting impression on viewers. His exchange with Walt in the chemistry lab as he pleads for better grades is one of the best moments in the series. Even funnier is that Walt ends up giving him a worse score.

Spooge’s Son

Jesse covers Spooge's son with a blenket after finding him alone in the house in Breaking Bad

Spooge’s unnamed son is introduced when Jesse goes to retrieve stolen drugs that Spooge and his wife stole from Skinny Pete. Jesse finds Spooge’s son alone and begins interacting with him.

Spooge’s son is an illustration of parental neglect. He is dirty, unkempt, and alone in an untidy house. The negative effects of drug use can be seen through the child. His parents are both users who have turned to a life of crime. They don’t appear to care about how he is doing, and, even when they come back, they don’t check on him. Impressively, the poor state of affairs at home doesn’t make him sad. He can still afford a smile when talking to Jesse.

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