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Breaking Bad: 10 Best Episodes In The Final Season, Ranked (According To IMDb)

Often regarded as one of the best final season of all time, here are the 10 best season five episodes of Breaking Bad according to IMDb.

The AMC series that took the world by storm, Breaking Bad, written by Vince Gilligan, left a lasting impact on television history, creating a legacy that will need something incredible to surpass. Even though the show started off slowly, it picked up pace towards the end and saved its best for the last.

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Breaking Bad released its fifth and last season in two parts, one came out in 2012, while the other in 2013. Season four ended in incredible fashion with Gustavo Fring killed by Walter White as the battle of two criminal masterminds was won by the former chemistry teacher. In this list, we are going to rank the ten best episodes in Breaking Bad’s final season according to their IMDb scores.

“Live Free Or Die” (9.3)

In the first episode of season five, Walt, after playing a part in the Casa Tranquila explosion, returns home to get rid of any evidence that could link him to the event. Skyler and Walt Jr. return home, and the former is quietly worried about Walt’s life, even though Walt Jr. is happy that Hank will now be regarded as a hero. Mike, in Mexico, gets to know about Gustavo Fring’s death, and quite angrily, he makes his way home, thinking about killing Walt.

After a heated argument, they decide to focus their energy on finding Gus’ laptop, as that has all the information that could get all of them convicted. Meanwhile, Skyler and Saul Goodman have their own problems to deal with, namely Ted, who’s just been involved in an accident.

“Blood Money” (9.5)

In the ninth episode of season five, Hank, after reading the inscription on Walt’s book, leaves the party with Marie. He goes into his garage and lays out the evidence he has got. When he compares the handwritings, his suspicion is confirmed that Walt is, indeed, Heisenberg.

Walt and Skyler discuss more money laundering options, and Lydia enters the scene. She wants Walt to return to cook meth, at least for a couple of days, as the quality has decreased since he left. Walt and Skyler, quite emphatically, answer no. Jesse makes an important decision that Walt isn’t happy with, and the episode ends in a confrontation between Hank and Walt.

“Say My Name” (9.6)

mike and walt in breaking bad season 5

In the seventh episode of season five, at the Vamonos Pest Headquarters, Mike takes his money and is all set to get out of the Meth trade for good. He warns Jesse to look out for himself. Moreover, Hank is ready to make a raid at a house, which might get him some information regarding the Fring drug trade in his city.

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Jesse wants to get out of the business as well, so he demands money from Walt, but it isn’t going to be that easy. Even though Walt tries his trademark manipulative tricks, it seems, Jesse is all but done. Wachsberger turns on Mike and informs the police, which means Mike is on the run. Walt makes another tough decision.

“Gliding Over All” (9.6)

In the eighth episode of season five, Walt and Todd begin to get rid of Mike’s body, while Jesse enters the scene. Walt doesn’t tell him about Mike’s death. He then makes his way to Lydia and demands the names of Mike’s men, but she doesn’t give it to him, deducing the fact that Mike is dead.

Instead, she uses this opportunity to do business with Walt. After that, Walt goes to meet Todd’s uncle as they decide how they are going to kill ten inmates. When all of that is dealt with, Walt and his family have dinner with the Schraders, but a happy moment soon turns into an uneasy revelation for Hank.

“Confessions” (9.6)

In the eleventh episode of season five, Jesse lands himself in jail, and Hank interrogates him. He tells Jesse that he knows Walt is Heisenberg, which is something Jesse wasn’t expecting to hear. Saul Goodman arrives at the right moment to diffuse the situation, while Walt begins to record a confession, with Skyler in attendance. The Schraders and Whites have dinner, with every truth being revealed. Moreover, Jesse finds out something horrible that Walt and Saul did.

“Dead Freight” (9.7)

In the fifth episode of season five, Walt, the master manipulator, pulls off another one of his tricks as he is able to fool Hank and put a chip on his computer at the DEA office. Jesse, Mike, and Walt contemplate what they should do with Lydia, and, while Jesse is against killing her, Walt and Mike are in favor of it.

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Hank and Marie try to get hold of Walt Jr., who is seemingly quite upset with his parents, while Skyler isn’t happy about anything with Walt. Discussing how to proceed with production, Mike and Walt get involved in another fight which leads to a kill that no one wanted to see.

“Granite State” (9.7)

In the penultimate episode of season five, the white supremacists break into the Schrader house to steal Jesse’s confession, while Marie is absolutely devastated to hear the news about her husband. Meanwhile, Walt wants to take revenge for his brother-in-law’s killing, but Saul throws his hands up and leaves for Nebraska.

“To’hajiilee” (9.8)

Walt is finally caught

In the thirteenth episode of season five, Hank and Gomie discuss the different plans with Jesse to catch Walt. They decide to question Huell, who is at a DEA safe house. Moreover, Walt comes with drastic action to save himself as he calls Jack and Kenny. He gives them a contract to kill Jesse. Then, out in the desert, a battle takes place.

“Felina” (9.9)

In the series finale, Walt, now a long away from home, hatches a plan to save Jesse from the clutches of Todd and family. Moreover, he plans to have his money given to his family, and he gets help from two unexpected sources. The final episode of the show is as breathtaking as the first one.

“Ozymandias” (10.0)

The fourteenth episode of season five is also the best in the entire series as a tense moment in the desert becomes a bloodbath. First, Gomie is killed, and then Hank is shot in the head despite Walt offering Jack enormous amounts of money. In this episode, Walt’s human nature comes to the fore as he is absolutely stunned to see his brother-in-law dead, so much so that he cries genuine tears.

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