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Breaking Bad: 10 Most Disturbing Storylines We Wish We Could Forget

Breaking Bad had some truly memorable storylines, and not always in a good way. These are the disturbing plots we wish we could forget.

Breaking Bad had plenty of intriguing moments but there were several storylines that left viewers disturbed and wondering why the hell the series had to go in that direction. Well, it’s just a fictional show after all and sometimes the more disturbing the events, the more entertaining they are.

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However, some of the following storylines drew pitty and anger from viewers rather than glee. But given that the show is about the main character ditching everything good that there is about him and “breaking bad,” it all makes sense. Here are some disturbing and heartbreaking storylines we wish we could forget.

Walt And Jane’s Deep Hatred For Each Other

Walt watches as Jane overdoses in Breaking Bad

It was nice to see Jesse falling in love. He and Jane were perfect together. However, Jane went on to cause plenty of headaches for Walt. When she discovered Walt wasn’t giving Jesse his hard-earned money, she went on to blackmail him in order to force him to pay.

After bumping into Jane’s father, Walt decided to go to Jesse’sapartment. There’s he found the two lovers unconscious on the bed after taking too much heroin. Shortly after, Jane started convulsing. She was obviously dying but instead of saving her, Walt just watched as the life slipped out of her. Walt’s decision was influenced by the fact Jane was causing him too many problems. He also felt that she was a bad influence on Jesse.

Jane’s Grieving Father

Walt looks up at the plane crash in Breaking Bad

After Jane’s death, her father Donald was overwhelmed with grief. It also turned out that he was an air traffic controller. The grief impaired his judgment so much that he made a poor decision at work and caused a Boeing 747 to collide with a chartered plane in the skies of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Debris and burned body parts ended up falling all over the area, including Walt’s compound. It was reported that 167 passengers died as a result of the accident. The fact that Walt was the source of this chain of events makes for one disturbing storyline.

Todd Murders A Child

Watching Breaking Bad, you could easily tell that Vince Gilligan was a fan of Westerns. Most of the action in the series took place in the desert and the bad guys were just as tough as traditional cowboys. In the fifth episode of Season 5, a fascinating train robbery even happened.

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Walt, Jesse, and their associates executed a perfect heist and managed to steal methylamine from a cargo train. Everything went off without a hitch. However, an innocent kid that had been riding a dirt bike happened to witness the robbery. Not one to take chances, Todd immediately shot the kid dead. Jesse was heartbroken, and so were viewers. Shooting a kid doesn’t look good, whichever way you look at it.

Walt And Skyler’s Marriage Almost Reaches A Tragic End

Breaking Bad‘s final season was really a rollercoaster. Insane twists were rolling out every few minutes. But one of the saddest moments was watching Walt and Skyler almost kill each other. The two were always fighting and it was sad really, considering that Walt really loved his family and he only got into the drug business to make sure they had enough money after he died.

In the episode titled “Ozymandias” the couple’s disagreements almost culminated in a tragic end when Skyler attacked Walt with a kitchen knife right in front of the kids. Walt initially thought she was just messing about but she went on to slash his hand with the knife. What was even more shocking was seeing Walt flee with their infant daughter Holly, leaving Skyler on her knees on the street, crying.

Walt Jr. Wishes Death On His Father… And Then It Happens

A disheveled Walt in Breaking Bad

Walt did plenty of things that had to be done. But his family didn’t always understand the reasons for his decisions. He didn’t do a good job at making them see his point of view either. As a result, by the time the series was coming to a close, he had fallen out with every member of his family.

In the penultimate episode titled “Granite State,” Walt goes into hiding and makes a phone call to his son Walt, Jr. He intends to apologize and also to let Walt, Jr. know how to access the money he has worked so hard for in the drug businesses. However, Walt, Jr isn’t interested. He tells his father: “Why don’t you just die already? Just die!” It’s heartbreaking, considering that Walt did everything he did for his family. It’s also sad because Walt actually dies in the final episode.

The Aftermath Of Hank’s Discovery

Hank Breaking Bad

It’s Walt’s decision to frame Hank that kicked off the chain of events that eventually led to Hank’s death. In the fifth season, Walt makes a DVD that is made to look like a self-confession from Hank admitting that he is Heisenberg. Hank thus begins panicking while trying to stop Walt. He even convinces Jesse to work with him.

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Later on, Walt hires Jack Welker to kill Jesse but when Jesse arrives at the money’s location with Hank and Gomez, Walt changes his mind and tries to call off the hit. However, Jack’s men show up early and a firefight ensues, leading to Hank’s heartbreaking death.

Jesse Gets Kidnapped By Two Addicts

Drugs have terrible effects but one of the major letdowns of the show was that there was never much focus on the users. However, in one rare scene, we got to see how ugly it can get. In Season 2, Episode 6 titled “Peekaboo” Jesse gets kidnapped by two meth addicts who are a couple after going to confront them.

It turns out the meth addicts also stole an ATM from a convenience store. The couple soon begins to argue. The wife isn’t happy that the husband keeps calling her a “skank.” She goes on to knock the ATM over. It drops on his head, killing him instantly. And as if nothing happened, she takes his drugs and proceeds to get high on the sofa.

Walt Poisoning Brock

Breaking Bad Lily of the Valley

Walt did some pretty bad things but no one really felt he could poison a child. At least he had a heart, right? Well, not really. What’s worse is that Walt initially tries to cover up what he did by suggesting that Gus must be the one responsible. Gus has a track record for these kinds of things so everyone believes Walt.

However, it is soon revealed that Walt did indeed poison Brock so that he could blame Gus for it and make Jesse go after the drug lord. The revelation is made when the camera closes in on a specific plant in Walt’s very own backyard. The plant has a label that reads, “Lily of the Valley.” This is the exact plant that Brock was poisoned with. What’s worse is that Jesse apologized to Walt for thinking he was the one who did it.

Jesse Is Manipulated Into Killing Gale

Jesse shoots Gale in Breaking Bad

When Gus informs Gale about Walt’s cancer in Season 3’s finale, Walt concludes that Gus is grooming Gale to take over. Walt figures that once Gale masters the formula for cooking meth, Gus will kill him. He thus hatches a plan to take out Gale.

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Walt goes on to inform Jesse that Gus wants Gale to take over and that they must kill him. Walt initially offers to do it himself but after being taken by Victor and Mike, he calls Jesse and convinces him to do it. The season concludes with Jesse shooting Gale, something that keeps haunting him for a long time to come.

Walt Lets Skyler Know Who She Should Be Afraid Of

Byt the sixth episode of Season 4 titled “Cornered”, Skyler is deeply concerned about Walt’s safety after Gale’s death, not knowing that Walt was involved. She fears that he will end up dead if he keeps doing what he does. She advises him to seek help from the authorities and admit to them that he is in need of protection.

With a creepy face that can only be compared to that of Jack Nicholson in The Shining, Walt turns to Skyler and tells her: “You clearly don’t know who you’re talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger! A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks.” At that point, you can’t help but feel terrified on Skyler’s behalf.

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