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Breaking Bad: 10 Times Jesse Could’ve Met Walt Jr.

AMC's Breaking Bad fans are sometimes irked that Jesse and Walter never actually come face to face. Here are 10 Times Jesse Could’ve Met Walt Jr.

There’s an argument to be made that Breaking Bad is the perfect TV show — and for diehard fans, they’ll do everything in their power to convince you of this. However, one thing that always seems to get on the nerves of people who have watched the series is the fact that Jesse Pinkman and Walter “Flynn” White Jr. never actually come face to face on screen.

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It isn’t the biggest issue in the world, but for the sake of this piece, we thought it’d be interesting to throw out a few different scenarios where we could’ve actually seen this go down.

Walt’s Classroom

It seems like a pretty risky strategy from everyone involved, but early on in the show’s run, this would’ve made a lot of sense. Walt Jr. could go into his dad’s classroom, waiting for him to finish up so that they can go home. Then Jesse, perhaps in a state of panic, can burst into the room in an attempt to get Walt’s help with something.

Junior, bemused by this, is left to wonder why exactly this stranger is interacting with his father. Whether or not he puts the pieces together somewhere down the line is a completely different matter altogether.

At A Party

It’s unlikely that Walt Jr. and Jesse would’ve attended too many of the same parties back in the day, but it’s definitely possible. Perhaps one of Junior’s friends has an older brother and they manage to score an invite to one of Jesse’s parties.

There, Jesse and Junior are introduced to each other — but because Walt decides to introduce himself as Flynn, Jesse doesn’t actually figure out who it is he’s talking to. It would’ve been a nice little Easter Egg for fans to enjoy, even if it wouldn’t have been particularly subtle.

Selling Him Weed Or Meth

As a teenager who is going through a lot in his life, it makes all the sense in the world for Walt Jr. to turn to marijuana — or potentially even something stronger. We saw him try to score some beer with his friends and weed is only one step up from that.

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If this happened and Junior aka Flynn suffered some kind of side effect from the drug in question, the backlash on Pinkman from the one and only Heisenberg would’ve been something to see. It would’ve been a bit dark, but fun at the same time.


Hank Schrader is a smart man, despite suggestions stating otherwise, so he probably wouldn’t have been okay with bringing Walt Jr. to a ride-along. If, however, he did and they caught Jesse in the act, the show could’ve built up a nice moment between the two.

Maybe they glance at one another, not really knowing who the other is, but knowing that they have one person who connects them more so than they could ever know: Walter White. From a storytelling perspective, that would’ve been a really interesting back and forth.

Hank Using Him

When Hank discovers that Walter White is, in fact, the Heisenberg he’s been chasing for well over a year, he’s understandably a little bit frustrated. He gets even more desperate than he’s already been and at this stage, anything is on the table.

This includes potentially using Walt Jr. as a way to get back at Walter. It may not be the ‘morally correct’ thing to do, but if he introduces Junior to Jesse and gets him to explain what’s happened, then maybe, just maybe, he would’ve joined their alliance.

The Awkward Dinner

The scene that depicts Walter, Skyler and Jesse all having a very awkward dinner together is one of the most amusing comedic scenes in the entire show. If they wanted to ramp this up even more, they could’ve had the camera pan all the way over to Junior who happens to have come home to see his folks.

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Then, after a period of seemingly endless silence, Flynn comes out with “Who the hell is this guy?” Breaking Bad was capable of making us laugh, but they also knew how to make us laugh at the right moment.

Walt Jr. Tracks Him Down

This idea may be a little ‘out there’ for most, but you just never know with a show like Breaking Bad. Let’s say Walt Jr. does some digging, perhaps with a bit of a helping hand from Skyler, and learns more about the identity of his father. In order to try and cut Walt off at the source, he goes after the one person that his dad can’t seem to stay away from: Jesse Pinkman.

It’d be awkward, to say the least, but we can’t imagine Pinkman would get physical with Walt Jr. after seeing his condition.

In Court

If Hank and Jesse had been successful in arresting Walt and driving away, then in all likelihood, we would’ve seen Walter White finally have his day in court. If that day came, you just know that Jesse would’ve testified against him — regardless of what that meant for his own safety and future.

Walt Jr. would be forced to sit there and listen to everything that happened between the two of them, with ‘Heisenberg’ treating Jesse like more of a son than he’d probably be comfortable with. It may not be as dramatic for some, but it’d be a wonderful visual.

Trying To Torch The House

This is the direction we were convinced they were going to do in when Jesse kicked down the door of the White residence and was moments away from setting fire to the house. At the point Jesse is about to drop the lighter, he instead looks up and sees Walt Jr. standing there in front of him. The two men freeze, not really knowing what’s going to happen next.

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Jesse, in a panic, leaves the house and Junior is left there trying to figure out what the hell has just happened.

El Camino

In the spin-off movie El Camino, Jesse Pinkman finally gets his happily ever after as he rides off into the sunset to start a brand new life in Alaska. Before that, though, just imagine how great a Walt Jr. cameo would’ve been. Maybe he could’ve run into Jesse at the store, instantly recognizing his face after seeing it plastered all over the news.

We actually think Flynn would’ve probably let Jesse go, opting to forgive him for everything that happened — probably because he’s far too focused on blaming his now-deceased father.

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