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Breaking Bad: 10 Times Todd Was The Most Unsettling Villain

Breaking Bad had its share of villains. Here's a look at 10 times that Todd was unsettling and unforgiving in his crimes.

There have been a number of memorable villains in the Breaking Bad universe, but perhaps none are as unsettling as Todd. When he is introduced, Todd works for an extermination company that provides a cover for Walt and Jesse to do their cooking, but he soon becomes involved in their operations quite closely.

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Despite his seemingly polite and gentle manner, Todd is capable of extreme violence and kills without remorse. What makes him more disturbing than some of the other villains is that he does these things without any emotion at all. Here are some of the moments Todd was the most unsettling villain in Breaking Bad.

Infatuation With Lydia

Lydia and Todd from Breaking Bad.

Lydia is one of the corporate level individuals involved in the narcotic manufacturing business. Though she is repulsed by the sight of violence, Lydia is completely willing to order the murders of anyone who gets in her way. Even with her cold and professional demeanor, Todd falls head over heels in love with her.

The entire reason Todd continues to cook and remains involved with the business is because of his crush on Lydia. His obsession with her is just another example of his unhealthy behavior.

Trying To Impress Walt

Todd comforts Walt after Hank gets killed in Breaking Bad

Lydia is not the only person that Todd is trying to impress. He also sets his obsessive mind on Walter White and seems to look up to the man greatly. Todd frequently does everything he can to get Walt’s attention and is very excited to become his cook partner when Jesse quits.

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Todd doesn’t even care about the money that he might get from cooking. All he wants is to get it right and be good at it. He is always looking to Walt for some sort of appreciation like a really creepy puppy dog.

Uncle Jack

Uncle Jack and Todd confront Hank in Ozymandias Breaking Bad

As Todd becomes more entangled in Walt’s world, he also introduces his Uncle Jack and Jack’s team of tugs. They work for Walt as assassins from time to time as well as run a white supremacist organization.

While Todd doesn’t seem to fit in with this rough crew, it is later revealed that Todd actually worked as an enforcer for the group. That little bit of information makes Todd so much scarier as he is clearly hiding some dark tendencies that manage to impress neo-Nazis.

Running Errands With Jesse

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman and Jesse Plemons as Todd El Camino

The Breaking Bad movie, El Camino continued Jesse’s storyline but also brought back Todd in flashbacks. We see Jesse’s life as a captive of Todd and the neo-Nazis which is as bleak and horrific as you might imagine.

When Uncle Jack and the others are gone, Todd decides to bring Jesse along while he runs some errands in town. It says a lot about Todd’s sociopathic mind as he seems to see nothing strange about taking the guy he’s torturing to help him pick up car parts.

Tempting Jesse With Pizza

El Camino- 10 Most Heartbreaking Jesse Moments-6 Cropped

While Jesse does as he is told by Todd, he still looks for ways to escape his hellish life of captivity. After their day of tackling Todd’s to-do list, Jesse and Todd stop in the desert. Todd has his guard down and asks Jesse to retrieve something from the car which is where Jesse finds his gun.

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Instead of threatening Jesse to put the gun down, he promises that when they get back to the compound, he’ll order some pizza for them to thank Jesse for his work. Never has pizza seemed so creepy.

Torturing Jesse

Jesse tied up and screaming in Breaking Bad

After Uncle Jack and his gang kill Hank Shrader, Walt reminds them that they still owe him for the hit he put out on Jesse for talking to the police. However, Todd reminds Uncle Jack that Jesse may have told the police about them so they should find out.

He suggests they take Jesse captive and torture him for the truth. Todd even volunteers to do the torturing himself like he was volunteering to take out the trash. Seeing the state that Jesse is in later shows what Todd is capable of.

Threatening Skyler

After Walt goes on the run from the law, Skyler is left to answer a lot of questions from the cops as well as Todd. Late at night, Todd and Jack’s crew pay a visit to Skyler’s house and sneak into the baby’s bedroom.

Todd calmly tells Skyler that he understands she has to talk to the police but that she cannot tell them about Lydia. It is another instance of Todd’s calm and gentle demeanor making everything much creepier.

Killing His Cleaning Lady

While out on their errand run in El Camino, Todd finally reveals the real reason he brought Jesse along with him. Todd shows Jesse the lifeless body of his cleaning lady who he strangled after she found some of his dirty money.

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Todd seems to think it is unfortunate that he had to kill her, but he was afraid she would get suspicious about where the money came from. His sore feelings over her death don’t last long as he makes himself and Jesse some soup while her body lies on the floor.

Killing Andrea

Emily Rios as Andrea in Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman went through a lot of pain in the series and much of it was at the hands of Todd. Though the worst thing Todd did to Jesse wasn’t even the torture but rather the murder of Jesse’s former girlfriend Andrea.

While captive in Uncle Jack’s compound, Jesse attempts to make an escape. He is quickly caught, and they decide that he must be punished. Todd goes to Andrea’s house and says he is a friend of Jesse’s who needs help. When she comes outside, Todd shoots her while Jesse is forced to watch.

Killing Drew

Todd shoots Drew during the train heist in Breakign Bad

After proving himself to be a hard worker and determined, Walt and Jesse allow Todd to help them with their ambitious train heist. Todd proves to be an essential part of the team and the heist is pulled off flawlessly. But then they notice a young boy named Drew who saw what they did.

Without hesitating, Todd pulls his gun and shoots the little boy so as not to leave any witnesses. It is at that moment Todd’s chilling nature is revealed. To add to the creepiness of it all, he keeps Drew’s pet tarantula for himself.

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