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Breaking Bad: 10 Walter White Memes We Would Laugh At If We Weren’t So Afraid Of Him

Despite his terrifying nature, there are plenty of fantastic Breaking Bad memes out there about Walt White.

It can be said that memes always make everything funny. It’s like casting a riddikulus spell on characters, turning them from horrific monsters to goofy caricatures of themselves, such as with Heisenberg himself, Walter White, one of Breaking Bad’s smartest characters.

Throughout Breaking Bad, audiences watch as mild-mannered chemistry teacher Walter White descends into the brutal and vicious drug kingpin, slowly becoming one of the show’s most villainous characters. Yet, despite his terrifying nature, there are plenty of fantastic memes out there about Walt that are somewhat based around the show’s dark yet funny jokes. Memes that take the vilest of actions and twists them into brilliant pieces of comedy that one can’t help but chuckle(nervously) at.

It Was All A Dream By Im-yeeting

Imyeeting meme Walter White

There seems to be a trope of sorts with films and tv shows, where the creators sometimes create a massive twist where the storyline turns out to be a dream. Usually, this hurts the film but in the case of the meme by im-yeeting, it’s golden.

Imagining Jesse dreaming about his uptight teacher being a ruthless kingpin, then pulled back into a world where Walter is just a teacher, is hilarious. It chalks everything up to be a dream and suggests that maybe Breaking Bad wasn’t capable of making a villain the main character like other series. Maybe.

Dad Jokes By Unknown

Does anyone really like dad jokes? They’re always those funny yet somewhat cringy forms of humor that every dad even the evil TV fathers, including Walter White, seems to have. So, of course, there is an endless amount of Walter White dad jokes based on the series.

Every fan of the series, including this unknown meme creator, knows of the scene where Walter tosses a pizza onto the roof of his home. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the dad joke is about a pizza being “on the house”. Cue the snare drum.

Dad Bod By Master1718

Walter White's dad body

Alongside dad jokes, dad bods are equally infamous among fathers of all kinds. For whatever reason, padres assume that walking around in nothing but underwear or some revealing outfit when one’s friends are around is the right attire to wear.

Perhaps Master1718 is a dad themself as they give Walter his own dad bod. After all, who’d want to see that man walking around in nothing but tightey whitey’s with a group of friends over? Probably not Walt. Jr, his sister, and especially Jesse Pinkman, that’s for sure.

Look-Alike By TrustiGoat

Walter White Lookalike real life

Every audience member should know that Breaking Bad was created by Vince Gilligan(who also wrote and directed several great episodes) and isn’t based on a true story… as far as anyone knows. That’s not to say that there maybe wasn’t some kind of inspiration behind Heisenberg and his escapades.

TrustiGoat takes that idea to a whole other level with this meme, creating the illusion that Walter White is in fact inspired by a real-life person. Based on the photo and description of crimes alone, truth be told, the meme may actually be more fact than fiction.

Breaking Streams By Nerdo999

We're done when I say we're done quote

One second of fame. That’s all anyone wants in life is just one moment where all eyes on them. In today’s world, that can happen easily, through the usage of streaming and donations, where a donation can get the streamer to say the doners name, something Nerd0999 took advantage of.

While none of those names are Heisenberg, the effect gets across, with the streamer having to say some ridiculous name after being given money. In turn, the doner gets a few seconds of fame, much like the infamous line.

Meth Is Meth By Big40Man

Walter White and Incredibles 2 memes

Most audiences assume that they know what the best crossover of all time is but usually, their answers are wrong. For the greatest crossover’s ever belongs to the one’s who end up putting two memes in one.

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Big40Man is obviously a fan of both The Incredibles and Breaking Bad as they managed to combine two fantastic memes into one piece of art. With Walt declaring the explosives, not meth and Bob-sorry, Tuco, screaming that “METH IS METH”, makes for a brilliant image and meme for any and all fans.

Chemistry By Unknown

Walter White Chemistry meme

Anyone who says that love is dead would be incorrect. There are all sorts of people out there trying to get with the love of their life or find that one special person and sometimes, the way into someone’s heart, lies within memes.

Given that Walter is a chemistry professor, it is a little surprising that the series didn’t experience more chemistry-based jokes. This line in particular, about the chemistry between two people by this unknown creator, may have actually fit in the show between Jesse and Jane.

That One Friend By Handbanana10

Walter White and Saul Goodman Meme

Who doesn’t have that one friend who behaves this way? Who constantly tags and sends memes nonstop, day after day, hour and hour until it gets to the point where the receiver feels like yelling at them to stop? And does it do anything?

Handbanana10 knows the answer and it is almost always, no. Almost always, the friend will just keep tagging and tagging until the very end of time, never ceasing, never stopping. And the answer they should almost always give? A quote that rivals those found in the epic finale.

The Hero And Villain By Unknown

Walter White and Hal

It’s always fun to see other movie quotes used in a meme. Years before Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston played the father of Malcolm, Hal, in Malcolm In The Middle. A far cry from the father in Breaking Bad, the ever-famous quote actually makes sense when put into perspective.

“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain” may or not confirm a tv universe between the two series by the unknown creator but it’s still enough to make viewers chuckle at the thought.

Teacher Of The Year By Cappsoutlaw

Walter White Teacher of the year meme

By no means should Walter White receive Teacher of the Year. From stealing school supplies to trying to seduce the principle and of course, making meth, Walt is by no means an A level teacher after his cancer diagnosis.

Yet, the irony is a meme creator like Cappsoutlaw’s best friend. The irony of Walt being up for teacher of the year is conveyed excellently through this classic meme, allowing audiences to ponder the idea of Walter White, Heisenberg, garnering teacher of the year and laugh till their stomach hurts.

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