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Breaking Bad: 5 Reasons Hank Was The Best Supporting Character (And 5 Reasons It Was Skyler)

The fan reactions towards Hank and Skyler couldn't be more different, but here's why they're the best supporting characters.

Breaking Bad is widely considered to be the greatest TV series ever made. Walt and Jesse’s exploits in the world of meth production are dramatic, addictive, and are filled with tension, amazing visuals and lovable (and hateable) characters. Hank, the husband of Skyler’s sister Marie, is a fan-favorite character, while Skyler herself was widely hated by fans.

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Despite this clear split of opinion amongst fans, there are a multitude of reasons in support of each character. These are five reasons why Hank is the best supporting character in the show, and five reasons why it’s Skyler.

HANK IS THE BEST: He Killed Tuco

All the way back in season two, Hank took out one of the most formidable antagonists we had come across so far in Breaking Bad.

Not only was this an exciting moment of action in the show spearheaded by Hank, it also started to develop his character and prove that he wasn’t just a stereotypical aging jock- he was actually a really good detective. Maybe we should have viewed this skill as a precursor to him finding out about Walt.

SKYLER IS THE BEST: She Was Realistic

One of the most realistic characters in Breaking Bad was Skyler. While Walt’s development was slow and very well-done, it might not be a true reflection of humanity that an innocent, seemingly rather nice guy could become a brutal murderer within just a couple of years.

Skyler’s overwhelming desire to simply protect her family from her husband (who is suddenly a murderer and a meth kingpin) is probably the most realistic reaction in the show.

HANK IS THE BEST: He Killed The Salamanca Cousins

The Salamanca cousins wait in Walt's house Breaking Bad

Another of Hank’s coolest moments came when he killed another of the most important antagonists in the show; this time two of them at once.

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The Salamanca cousins were intense and terrifying, but apparently no match for Hank. Despite only finding out that they were coming for him mere minutes earlier, he takes them both out while unarmed. It’s one of the show’s best action sequences.

SKYLER IS THE BEST: She Reminded Us To Hate Walt

The reason so many fans hate Skyler is because she is always trying to get in Walt’s way and stop him from doing the things we want to see him do.

Firstly, surely this is what any wife would do if they found out their husband was making drugs and getting people killed? Secondly, her repulsion at Walt’s newfound lifestyle is what we need to remind us that Walt isn’t a good guy at all.

HANK IS THE BEST: He Had The Saddest Death In TV History

Breaking Bad Hank Schrader before he died

By the time we reach the episode ‘Ozymandias’, it has sort of become clear that Hank doesn’t have much of a way out of the scenario.

For a few brutal minutes, we’re forced to remember all of the times when Hank would happily cook up a BBQ in Walt’s garden, before he is shot in the head, at the fault of Walt himself. The fact that he stands his ground and remains brave until the very end just makes it even more harrowing.

SKYLER IS THE BEST: She Ended Up Involved

Skyler and Walt meet Saul to discuss money laundering ideas in Breaking Bad

Despite Skyler’s constant opposition to everything Walt does throughout Breaking Bad, she eventually ends up involved. No matter how much she disagrees, she doesn’t hand her husband over to the police.

This brings a brilliant new angle to her character: furiously against what Walt is doing, but so conflicted that he ends up directly helping him.

HANK IS THE BEST: He Loved Minerals

Hank in Breaking Bad

Hank was an impressive character because he managed to double up as a source of constant comic relief, while also proving himself to be a hard-headed, clever and resourceful detective when necessary.

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His collection of minerals, however, was just downright funny. He was so bored that he started up a collection of minerals (formed very slowly and under immense pressure- remind anyone of a certain someone’s investigation into Heisenberg?) and became furious when anyone called them rocks.

SKYLER IS THE BEST: She Wasn’t Portrayed As Perfect

It would have been very easy for the writers of Breaking Bad to make Skyler a beacon of positivity that could directly clash with Walt’s antagonistic behavior.

However, in a genius move, they give her character a multitude of flaws: she cheats on Walt, she ends up involving herself in the business, and most importantly, her endless quest to protect her children ends up endangering her children way more eventually.

HANK IS THE BEST: He Discovered Walt’s Secret

Hank figures out Walt is Heisenberg on the toilet

Over the years in which Breaking Bad was set, Walter White managed to develop from an old man with cancer into a ruthless drug kingpin. And pretty much nobody noticed.

Eventually, by piecing together a subtle clue, Hank was able to work it out and attempt to bring down Walt.

SKYLER IS THE BEST: She Remained The Only Person Who Could Control Walt

Blood Money Walt SKYLER

There might have been a lot of times in which Walt got furiously angry at Skyler, but at the end of the day, her and their kids were the only people he truly cared about.

This is why he started his entire plan in the first place and this is why he still made sure that they got his money, even after revealing how much he loved doing what he was doing.

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