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Breaking Bad: 5 Reasons Jesse & Jane Were Good Together (& 5 Why He Should Have Been With Andrea)

Jesse Pinkman was involved with two women in Breaking Bad, and both Jane and Andrea made good partners for him in different ways.

While other highly-rated drama shows like The Sopranos and Mad Men focussed heavily on relationships by exploring the love life of almost every character, Breaking Bad wasn’t really big on matters of the heart as it was on violence and plot twists. Out of all the characters, only the love lives of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Hank were examined.

During his time on the series, Jesse Pinkman was involved with two women, namely: Jane Margolis and Andrea Cantillo. Jane, a tattoo artist, was a hedonistic lover of life while Andrea was a reserved mother. There is an argument for each of them as better long-term partners for Jesse.

Jane: She Loved Him When He Had Nothing

Jesse and Jane try the new TV

When Jane first met Jesse, he had just moved into the duplex apartment that her family was renting. At the time, his parents had just chased him out of the mansion they had earlier given him.

Jesse had no possessions when he started renting out the house, not even a table or a bed. He was seen inviting her to check out one of his first possessions, a new plasma flatscreen TV. She had no idea he was in the process of making millions. He was all she wanted and that’s quite admirable.

Andrea: He Was Good Friends With Her Son Brock

Jesse and Brock playing video games

Jesse and Andrea’s 6-year-old son Brock had a very tight bond. Whenever they met, the two would often chat for hours and play video games such as Sonic Racers.

Jesse was deeply devastated when Brock had to be hospitalized after being poisoned by a strange substance. Jesse suspected that it was Walt who had poisoned Brock with ricin but the expert meth cook convinced him that Gus was responsible. It turned out that Walt was indeed the culprit but he had used a non-traceable plant known as “Lily of the Valley.”

Jane: She Was The Best At Apologies

Jane's drawing in Breaking Bad

The first time Jane’s father showed up at the apartment, Jesse expected her to introduce him as her boyfriend but she didn’t. She told her father that Jesse was just a tenant and nothing more. She was trying to protect him since she knew her father would be against their relationship.

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As expected, Jesse was angry. Not one to let her man stay angry, she used her artistic skills to create and draw a new superhero on a piece of paper. She named the hero “Apology Girl” and slipped the piece of paper under Jesse’s door. Jane should clearly give apology tutorials to couples all over the world.

Andrea: She Was Making Efforts Towards Recovery

breaking bad jesse andrea

The major reason why Jane wasn’t good for Jesse was that she wasn’t making serious efforts towards recovery from addiction. Andrea, on the other hand, was doing all she could to become clean.

Jesse even met her at a Narcotic Anonymous clinic where both of them were trying to hop on the journey towards recovery. If Jesse and Andrea had stayed together for long, there is no doubt that they would have helped each other become better human beings. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

Jane: She Was Understanding

Jane smoking and looking at Jesse in Breaking Bad

Jesse lied to Jane about his real name when he first met her. This was understandable because he was involved in the illegal drug trade. He couldn’t go telling every stranger who he really was.

Jane eventually found out that Jesse had lied to her but she wasn’t mad about it. She didn’t freak out either when she discovered that he was a meth distributor. All she cared about was the love that they shared. The fact that Jesse was a criminal was no big deal to her as she figured everyone had to do whatever was necessary to survive.

Andrea: He Cared More For Her Safety And Wellbeing

Jesse, Andrea, and Brock in Breaking Bad

Jesse didn’t mind engaging in all forms of destructive habits with Jane. However, he handled Andrea very differently. He wanted to sell her drugs the first time he met her but decided against it after he discovered she was a mother. He wanted her to continue taking good care of Brock and using drugs would have made that impossible.

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Jesse also gave her lots of cash so that she could move to a better neighborhood where she would be protected from both criminals and drug peddlers. Given how much Jesse cared for Andrea, he could have been better off with her.

Jane: She Was Loyal

Donald and Jane Margolis with Jesse in Breaking Bad

From the moment they got together, viewers got the sense that Jane was never going to leave or betray Jesse. Her father Donald didn’t like Jesse but she stood up for him anyway.

Jane was ride-or-die. She was even willing to run away with him to a foreign land as soon as he got his money so that they could spend the rest of their lives together without any interference from her father or from Walt.

Andrea: Their Reason For Parting Ways Wasn’t Solid Enough

Andrea and Jesse in Breaking Bad

Relationships end because of various reasons and when there is a serious cause such as infidelity, there is often little chance of a couple getting back together. Other issues can often be worked out.

The reason Jesse broke up with Andrea was Jesse wasn’t ready to confess to her that he was involved in the drug trade. This was surprising, considering he tried to sell her meth the first time he saw her. With how Andrea was portrayed in the series, there is a high chance she would have understood if Jesse told her the truth. By abandoning her, he exposed her to the threat of Welker’s gang.

Jane: She Helped Him Get His Money Back

Breaking Bad Netflix and Chill Jane and Jesse Featured

Often seeing himself as a father figure to Jesse, Walt tried to withhold his payout from the first drug deal with Gus until he got his act together. In all honesty, Walt had no right to keep Jesse’s money or to parent him. He was an adult. He also had his own parents who had pretty much failed him. Walt shouldn’t even have tried.

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Not one to see her man being taken advantage of, Jane approached Walt and threatened to expose his criminal identity unless he gave Jesse his money. Walt had no choice but to release the money.

Andrea: Her Personality

Jesse and Andrea in Breaking Bad

There was a clear difference in personality between Andrea and Jane. While Jane was seen as wild, rebellious, and impulsive, Andrea was more down-to-earth. She was humble and receptive.

As two strong personalities, Jane and Jesse were going to clash at some point if they had stayed together for long. Things would have been different with Andrea who allowed Jesse to live his life. Even when he sent money for her upkeep without showing up at the house, she really didn’t complain about it.

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