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Breaking Bad: 5 Reasons Skyler & Walt Were Good Together (& 5 Why She Should Have Been With Ted)

Skyler's marriage to Walter White in Breaking Bad was far from perfect. They had good moments together but was she better off with Ted Beneke?

Skyler Lambert White was the perfect mother but when it came to her relationships, things were a bit complicated. During her time in the series, she was involved with two men: Walter White and Ted Beneke. Though her marriage to Walt received more focus, her affair with Ted heavily impacted her life too.

One can’t help but wonder which of the two men was better for her. Walt became difficult and stubborn after his foray into the drug trade while Ted was an irresponsible boss, almost running the company his father left him into the ground. Despite their flaws, there are arguments for both men as ideal long-term partners for Skyler.

Walt: He Was The Perfect Breadwinner

Walt and Skyler attend Elliot's birthday party in Breaking Bad

Walt might have had dozens of flaws but he was the perfect provider. He did everything to ensure his family didn’t lack a thing. He went as far as to become a methamphetamine manufacturer so that his family would never have financial troubles in the event of his death.

He wasn’t too proud to work as a high school chemistry teacher despite the fact that he was a top-tier scientist who had contributed to a Nobel-winning project. Not to forget that he worked at the A1A Car Wash too whenever he was free, so that he could earn extra income. A man who’d do anything to provide for his family is an admirable man.

Ted: He Was There For Her During Childbirth

Ted Beneke offers Skyler her old job back in Breaking Bad

When Skyler went into labor in Season 2, Ted was the one who took her to the hospital. Walt was nowhere to be seen because he had just been instructed to deliver 38 pounds of meth to Gus within an hour. Jesse had also passed out from an overdose hence Walt had the additional task of going to his house to get the meth himself.

After delivering the meth, Walt rushed to the hospital. There, Skyler asked him to be quiet. She was clearly upset. On the far end of the room, Walt saw Ted standing. He had been there for Skyler during her most vulnerable moment yet, something Skyler deeply appreciated. The incident proved Ted was more reliable during moments of need than Walt.

Walt: She Was A Perfect Accomplice To Him

Walt and Skyler

Even though Skyler didn’t like the fact that her husband was in the drug trade, it can be argued that she was at her best when she was helping him launder his millions. The manner in which she was able to procure the A1A Car Wash after Walt’s failure to do so was magnificent.

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During the period that she worked at the car wash, she was comfortable as her own boss. She also had a say in Walt’s drug income, even forcing him to pay for Hank’s treatment. One can’t help but get the sense that if she had continued on this route, she and Walt would have built a great drug empire.

Ted: She Was Ready To Do Anything To Get Him Out Of Trouble

Skyler helps Ted cover up for his failure to pay taxes

Skyler reacted very differently when she discovered that Walt was a criminal, compared to how she reacted when she discovered Ted had been committing financial crimes. She couldn’t stand Walt after she found out his secret but when she realized Ted would be in trouble with the IRS, she was willing to even cook the books for him.

She was able to fool an IRS agent by pretending to be an ignorant accountant. By doing this, she got Ted off the hook. She also took $621,552.33 of Walt’s drug money and gave it to Ted so that he could solve his IRS problems. It appears she was more of a ride-or-die to Ted than to Walt.

Walt: She Genuinely Cared For His Wellbeing

skyler white breaking bad

Skyler made her way to Jesse’s house and threatened him when she thought he was selling marijuana to Walt. She also reminded him not to “yo yo” her. She didn’t want her husband to be addicted to any kind of drug.

She also pushed Walt to start going for chemo sessions and undergo surgery when he was totally against it. She even organized for family intervention, with Hank and Marie present. And when she had separated ftom Walt, she made sure to check up on him at his new apartment. All their troubles aside, Skyler truly loved Walt.

Ted: He Was More Fun Than Walt

Skyler sings Happy Birthday to Ted in Breaking Bad

Ted proved how fun-loving he was when he urged Skyler to perform her rendition of Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” in front of everyone in the office. As the employees at Beneke Fabricators were celebrating Ted’s birthday, Skyler went on to do the rendition before kissing Ted on the cheek.

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Walt, on the other hand, was a decent family man but he was fun. He was all about Chemistry and drugs. There wasn’t a single moment when Walt danced or did anything that could be considered fun, a trait that was clearly important for Skyler.

Walt: He Forgave Her For Cheating

skyler walt breaking bad

Fans of the show have always called out Skyler for her occasional hypocritical nature. She often crucified Walt for his sins yet she hurt him badly too and he forgave her.

Skyler’s marriage was on shaky grounds when she cheated with Ted but there is never a justifiable reason for infidelity. She had made vows to Walt hence her actions could not be excused. Her betrayal was a major one but Walt didn’t cut her off for it. Instead, he tried even harder to keep the family together.

Ted: They Were In The Same Industry

Ted and Skyler in Breaking Bad

Having similar interests is important in a relationship. It’s even better when both are in the same profession. Such was the case with Ted and Skyler. Ted was the boss at Beneke Fabricators while Skyler was the accountant.

While Skyler could connect with Ted professionally, she had no knowledge about Walt’s fields of interest. Chemistry concepts were alien to her and so was the drug trade. Walt would have been better off staying with Gretchen since she was passionate about Chemistry like him.

Walt: He Was A Good Father

Walt with his family

Walt might not have been a good husband but he wasn’t that bad of a dad. With him, Skyler could be assured of a proper family unit. And most of the time, the family was indeed adorable.

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Walt was always nice to Walter Jr. aka Flynn. He bought him a cool car, against Skyler’s wishes. And even went Walter Jr couldn’t stand him in the final season, Walt made sure to leave $9.72 million with Elliot and Gretchen so that they could give it to his son on his 18th birthday.

Ted: He Never Stopped Loving Her

Skyler and Ted kiss

Ted was more than willing to give Skyler her job back after she burst into the office, despite being advised not to do so by the accountant. She had quit the firm a couple of years earlier after Ted made a drunken pass at her. Realizing how badly he had messed up, Ted apologized profusely. Good partners never hesitate to apologize.

The fact that Ted was willing to bring Skyler back proved how deeply he cared about her. It also didn’t bother him that she was pregnant with another man’s baby. She was all he wanted.

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