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Breaking Bad: 8 Best Moments In Skyler & Walt’s Relationship

Although they were seen to go through a rough patch, Skyler and Walt did share a few iconic moments together.

Though she was one of the best characters in Breaking Bad, Skyler White was far from a fan-favorite. In fact, viewers hated Skyler so much that lead actress Anna Gunn penned a lengthy Op-Ed in the New York Times to complain about the failure of fans to differentiate her as a person and the character she played.

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Fans had a problem with Skyler because of how frequently she disagreed with her criminal husband Walter “Walt” White. Despite being a despicable person, Walt was loved, hence anyone who hated him was the enemy. Their chaotic marriage aside, Skyler and Walt had a couple of great moments in the series.

Buying The House

Walt and Skyler buy the house

Plenty of drama happened in the White Residence throughout the series and it all stemmed from Walt’s involvement in the drug trade. Before all that, it was all peace and calm. A flashback scene in the season 3 finale took viewers back 16 years to the time Walt and Skyler purchased the house.

Walt was working at Sandia Laboratory while Skyler was a waitress. She was also pregnant with Walter Jr. at the time. The couple appeared in good spirits, with Skyler emphasizing how much she loved the house, though Walt (who had a decent salary at the time) felt it was a little tiny. They decided to take it anyway.

Skyler’s Special Breakfast

Skyler hands Walt veggie bacon breakfast

The family’s income dwindled when Walt quit Gray Matter Technologies and began working as a high school chemistry teacher. In the pilot episode, it was revealed that Walt was now five decades old.

During Walt’s 50th birthday, there was no money to buy expensive meals so Skyler improvised. To celebrate, Skyler made a rather romantic breakfast for him. She handed him a plate of fried eggs topped by veggie bacon that had been arranged to spell “50.” Though Walter Jr. didn’t like the veggie bacon, it was a special moment that proved love still reigned during hard times.

A Naughty Tryst

Walt and Skyler attend a PTA meeting

Walt and Skyler felt like they were recapturing their youth when they had sex inside the car. The two had just attended a PTA meeting at the J. P. Wynne High School, where the agenda was the recent thefts in the school lab.

During the meeting, Walt and Skyler flirted and as soon as they left, they had sex inside the car at the school parking lot. Later on, they discussed why the tryst felt so good, with Walt explaining that it was because it was illegal.

Pizza On The Roof

Walt throws pizza on the roof after Skyler denies him entry

This wasn’t a blissful moment but it was quite hilarious, and perhaps the most iconic scene involving the two. After Skyler learned that Walt was making drugs, she separated from him and barred him from entering the house. Given how much he loved his family, Walt wasn’t too happy about this new turn of events.

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Eager to make things right, Walt bought a family-sized take-out pizza and came with it to the house so that they would all enjoy it together. That backfired as Skyler wasn’t willing to let him in. An angry Walt reacted by hurling the pizza onto the roof of the garage before driving away.

The Car Wash Idea

Skyler and Walt meet Saul to discuss money laundering ideas in Breaking Bad

Skyler soon got over her hatred for Walt’s illegal activities, to the extent that she decided to become his accomplice. She felt that Walt wasn’t handling his money properly so she suggested laundering it through a proper business. Walt took Skyler to Saul, who ironically claimed that Walt’s taste in women was as good as his taste in lawyers.

Though Saul was impressed by Skyler’s appearance, she wasn’t impressed by his ideas, finding him a clownish person in general. On the way home, she told Walt that they should buy the A1A Car Wash and use it to launder money. Though Walt was skeptical, it proved to be an amazing idea.

Uncountable Cash

Skyler and Walt marvel at the money they have made

In an effort to get Walt to quit the drug trade, Skyler took him to a storage unit to show him just how much money he had made. In the unit was a gigantic pile of cash, which Skyler claimed was too much to count. The moment also emphasized just how lucrative the illegal drug trade was.

The following day, Walt came back home and told Skyler he was out. This made Skyler really happy so she organized for a mini party with the Schraders. Though the celebration was short lived (Hank discovered that Walt was Heisenberg during the party), it was a beautiful moment.

Skyler Confronting Lydia

Skyler tells Lydia to keep off Walt

Not long after Walt announced he had quit, Lydia showed up at the car wash to meet Walt. She had plenty of lamentations about the quality of meth being made.

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Noticing Lydia’s expensive car, Skyler concluded it was a rental and wondered why anyone would bother to wash a rental car. Skyler pressured Walt to tell her who Lydia was. He confessed that she was a former associate trying to get him back in the business. Angry and eager to protect her family from the drug trade going forward, Skyler confronted Lydia and ordered her to leave.

The Confession Video

Walt and Skyler ask Hank to stop his investigation

Skyler decided to stand with her husband when Hank discovered he was Heisenberg. She refused to cooperate with the DEA agent when he questioned her at a DNA and also convinced Walt to not turn himself in like he initially planned to do. The couple then agreed to record a false confession video.

Walt asked Hank to drop the investigation but he refused. Walt thus left him a DVD with a confession. In it, Walt claimed that Hank was Heisenberg and that he forced him into working as his chemist. He also claimed that Hank was Gustavo Fring’s partner and that he threatened him when he tried to leave the business.

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