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Breaking Bad: 9 Funniest Running Gags, Ranked

Overall, Breaking Bad is quite a dark show in tone, but it still finds time for humor. Here are its funniest ongoing jokes.

Overall, Breaking Bad is quite a dark show in tone, with a large focus being placed on crime, drugs, and death. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for some comedy as well. There are plenty of funny moments within the show, whether it be catchphrases or situations that continuously pop up throughout the series.

Running jokes are something that fans invest in easily, and Breaking Bad has plenty of them. While it is often dark comedy, it does provide a slight break from the serious tone that the show has overall, which is perfect in providing a balance that makes the series accessible to everyone.

“Better Call Saul”

Saul Goodman on the phone in breaking bad

Saul Goodman is a great source of entertainment throughout Breaking Bad, and one of his running gags comes in the form of his catchphrase. The “Better Call Saul” phrase first gets seen in his terrible television commercials, which are hilarious to watch.

This becomes a calling card for him throughout the show, with Saul using the line plenty of times, normally when he first meets someone on the show. It is always a funny moment whenever the line is used.

Jesse’s Answering Message

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in El Camino

Jesse Pinkman has a specific way with words and that’s highlighted by his answer machine message. If Jesse isn’t around to pick it up, his answering message leaves a quote that perfectly sums him up.


This runs throughout the show, with Jesse missing various calls, and the message never fails to deliver great humor overall. It’s something that just pops up on occasion, and it is a great reminder of what his character is like.

“Have An A1 Day”

There are many great moments inside the car wash; for example, Walt quitting is one of the show’s most iconic comedy scenes.  And when Walt actually owns it himself, this running joke comes into play.

The carwash has a friendly signing-off moment, with whoever is at the register telling the customers to “have an A1 day.” It often becomes a funny moment whenever someone says it, as the fakeness of the entire situation always shines through.

Saul Knows A Guy

Saul Goodman sips coffee as he listens to Jesse talk about cutting off Walt in Breaking Bad

Saul Goodman might be crooked, but at times he does prove himself to actually be good at his job. No matter what the situation is, he always seems to know somebody that can solve the problem. That’s why his line of “I know a guy” ends up being a running gag.

The people Saul knows may be unique, but they do typically get the job done, and that is where he earns his money. Hearing this classic one-liner signals something interesting is surely about to happen.

Skinny Pete & Badger

Skinny Pete and Badger together in Breaking Bad

Jesse’s loyal friends end up becoming running gags themselves with their appearances on the show. Whenever they appear, they bring with them some amazing one-liners.

Badger sharing intelligent and thoughtful comments while Skinny Pete cheers him on is a great source of entertainment, and they do a great job of breaking things up compared to some of the more serious characters on the show.

Marie’s Judgmental Faces

Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader in Breaking Bad

Marie Schrader likes to think that her life is perfect and that everything she does is the best possible way it could be done.

However, her character brings a great running gag within the family setting. She constantly passes judgment on everything that she sees, giving underhanded comments or facial expressions that give away exactly what she thinks.

Jesse’s Big Ideas

Jesse Pinkman screams with excitement after the magnet experiment works in Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman’s intelligence is a big source of humor throughout the show, as he is purposefully shown not to be as clever as Walter White, but that’s what makes their dynamic so good. This, however, doesn’t stop Jesse from coming up with some wild ideas on a regular basis.

Whether it be creating robots or using magnets, Jesse thinks outside the box when he and Walt are in a sticky situation. It always leads to a hilarious moment, especially if the plan actually works.

Rocks Or Minerals

Hank in bed looking at his minerals

Hank is easily one of the funniest characters within Breaking Bad, and during his recovery process, he goes through a tough situation. However, one passion that he turns to is collecting minerals, and this starts off a running gag between him and his wife.

While Marie will happily just call them rocks, thinking nothing of it, Hank always uses the correct terminology. He is adamant that they’re minerals, and every single time a scene comes up about them, he has no problem reminding her of that fact.


Aaron Paul

Without a doubt, the greatest running joke in Breaking Bad is Jesse Pinkman’s catchphrase. His party line of “b*tch” is something that he says countless times throughout the show, and it never fails to disappoint. He doesn’t say it to be funny, but it becomes unintentional humor on a consistent level.

Jesse often leaves this comment until right at the end of whatever point he is trying to make, which allows it to have the biggest impact. Even when he’s suffering from pain, Jesse will still drop the line, which has become one of the most famous aspects of this show.

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