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Breaking Bad: Every Character Todd Killed (& Why)

Todd Alquist was one of the most psychotic figures to come out of the Breaking Bad universe, and he happened to kill a few notable characters.

Todd Alquist was one of the most psychotic figures to come out of the Breaking Bad fictional universe and he killed multiple other characters. The stand-out character, played by Jesse Plemons, joined the series in the fifth and final season. Despite being a latecomer to Vince Gilligan’s AMC neo-western crime drama, Todd emerged as one of the most memorable antagonists due to his violent actions and lack of remorse, especially when it came to killing.

Todd first became involved with Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) meth business when he was hired at Vamonos Pest, an extermination company that served as a front for illicit activities. At the time, Walt was still building his empire alongside partner Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and associate Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks). Todd was also the nephew of Jack Welker (Michael Bowen), the leader of a local white supremacist gang. Jack’s men, including Todd, were aligned with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle (Laura Fraser), the head of logistics at a major corporation who funded the meth trade and handled its worldwide distribution.

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Todd had no shortage of connections when it came to his ability to find money-making opportunities. In order to move up the ranks to gain more recognition from his peers, he often had to make power moves. The deeper he fell into the meth trade, Todd had to go to great lengths to conceal the truth about his source of income. Before Todd eventually met his demise at the hands of his most tortured victim, Jesse, he took a handful of lives. Here’s a breakdown of who Todd had a hand in killing throughout Breaking Bad and El Camino, the prequel movie.

Drew Sharp

Drew Sharp wearing a bike helmet in Breaking Bad

The first major red flag stemming from Todd’s moral arose during the epic season 5 train heist. Walt’s team needed a methylamine supply in order to continue cooking their signature product. Since a supply was being transported in the New Mexico desert, Walt, Jesse, and Mike decided to perform a high stakes train robbery. They enlisted Todd for help, seeing as he was already helping with the rolling meth cook operation. During the heist, the crew realized a young boy on a dirt bike, Drew Sharp (Samuel Webb), witnessed their actions while riding his dirt bike in the desert. Though it didn’t seem like he fully knew what they were doing, Todd eliminated him as a threat by shooting him dead on the spot. This was the first instance that hinted toward Todd’s sadistic behavior, seeing as he showed no remorse for taking the boy’s life.

Declan’s Crew

Breaking Bad Declan

For a brief time in Breaking Bad season 5, a man named Declan (Louis Ferreira) served as a distributor for Walt’s meth empire. Declan and his crew bought out Mike and Jesse’s share of the business while Todd worked as Walt’s lab assistant. After Walt retired, Todd attempted to cook Walt’s meth, but he was unable to match the purity. Declan fired Todd before finding another cook that produced a lesser grade quality. Lydia, who oversaw the wider distribution, was displeased with Declan’s leadership and ordered Jack, Todd, and their gang to ambush Declan and his men. Not only was Declan killed, but Todd assisted in murdering all eight of Declan’s crew members. Among the deceased was the cook that Declan hired to replace Todd.

Steven Gomez

Steven Gomez pointing a gun in Breaking Bad

Steven Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada) was one of the few secondary characters who appeared in all five seasons of Breaking Bad. Not only was he Hank Schrader’s partner at the Albuquerque DEA, but he was also a great personal friend to Hank’s brother-in-law. Gomez was heavily involved with the investigations into Heisenberg, the notorious “Blue Sky” meth, and Gus Fring’s drug empire and when Hank learned of Walt’s true identity, Gomez attempted to bring a sense of justice. The DEA agents used Jesse to bring Walt out of hiding in the middle of the Tohajiilee Navajo reservation. Unfortunately, Walt had backup since Jack’s gang also arrived, opening fire on the men. Todd was present and heavily armed like the rest of the gang. During the gunfight with bullets flying everywhere, Gomez ended up getting shot twice in the chest.

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Andrea Cantillo

Jesse on a family date with Andrea and Brock in Breaking Bad

Following the deaths of Gomez and Hank, Jack’s white supremacist gang took Jesse captive, chained him up like a slave, and forced him to work as the gang’s meth cook. At one point, Jesse tried to escape from the compound before refusing to continue cooking in their lab. To teach Jesse a lesson, Todd set his sights on Andrew Cantillo (Emily Rios), Jesse’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of young Brock Cantillo, the boy that Walt poisoned with Lily of the Valley. Andrea was first introduced in season 3 when Jesse met her at Narcotics Anonymous. After the death of her young brother, Jesse secretly sent her some of his profits so she and Brock could move to a safer neighborhood. In time, Andrea and Jesse entered a romantic relationship until his presence in the drug trade threatened her safety. Sadly, Andrea still fell victim as a result of Jesse’s connections. Todd killed her as punishment for Jesse’s insubordinate behavior.



Despite the fact that Jesse enacted revenge on Todd in the Breaking Bad series finale, flashbacks in El Camino gave Plemons the opportunity to reprise the role. The prequel movie also shed more light on Todd’s unstable mindset, especially when it came to killing without hesitation. Due to his work in the drug trade, Todd was making a substantial amount of money, which he hid throughout his apartment and which his housekeeper, Sonia (Gloria Sandoval), unfortunately found while cleaning. In response, Todd killed Sonia by strangling her with his belt, before forcing Jesse to help dispose of her body. Oddly enough, Todd gave her a eulogy as they buried her in the desert even though he had no qualms about taking an innocent life yet again. Based on the fact that Jesse ended up strangling Todd at the neo-Nazi compound, Sonia’s death was also avenged.

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