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Breaking Bad: Male Characters Ranked By Their Romantic Partner Potential

Are the male characters in Breaking Bad good romantic partners? Or would Walter, Saul, and Jesse fall short of expectations?

Breaking Bad isn’t known for its great romantic moments, but love and relationships are a clear theme throughout the series, with that being the basis of many decisions that get made. Of course, there are plenty of men within the show, many of which prove themselves to be great potential romantic partners.

However, there are many that most people wouldn’t want to date if they could avoid it. While the show doesn’t have the characters out actively looking for love, it certainly provides a great image of them as people and what their personalities are like, which would dictate whether they’d make good romantic partners. But on a show that is full of criminals, finding a romantic partner isn’t as simple as it may seem.

Tuco Salamanca

Tuco raising his arms and cheering in Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is full of villains and characters that people wouldn’t want to date, but Tuco Salamanca was the worst possible option from the show. Out of everybody on the show, he is someone who has serious anger issues and that isn’t good for anybody.

He’s a clear drug addict, while also being heavily involved in dealing drugs as well, which means he is in a very dangerous walk of life. While he has people around him who protect him, his major anger problems make him very unpredictable, which isn’t ideal for any relationship.

Todd Alquist

Todd Alquist looking to the distance in Breaking Bad.

Todd Alquist is wrapped with the white supremacy group within Breaking Bad, and he’s someone who is certainly not a good romantic partner. While Todd seems like a fairly harmless individual, the fact is that he is someone who is totally detached from all emotion.

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The calmness he shows when killing a child during the show really does highlight that, which is something that isn’t great for any possible romantic relationship. Plus, the fact that he is part of a dangerous and racist group isn’t exactly marriage material.

Walter White

Walter White forces Elliot and Gretchen to deliver money to his son in Breaking Bad

Walter White is certainly the most dangerous person in Breaking Bad by the end of the show, with his alter-ego of Heisenberg really being something that would make a terrible partner. He’s someone who takes no prisoners and would put any of his partners into major danger.

While he gets wrapped up in the world of crime simply to provide for his family, but even though those are his intentions, that all changes. Walter is someone who lies and can be very manipulative, all of which are terrible traits for a romantic partner.

Gus Fring

Gus Fring from Better Call Saul

Speaking of the potential danger that people could bring to their romantic partners, Gus Fring is certainly in that category. He might be the man in charge of the meth distribution and therefore doesn’t have to get his hands too dirty, but he also has to deal with a lot of high-level danger threats.

As a person though, Gus is well-spoken, he can be very kind and he is certainly an intelligent person. All of that could potentially make him a good partner, but his cutthroat nature and the fact he doesn’t want any distractions from his work aren’t ideal.

Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman on the phone in breaking bad

Saul Goodman tries his best in every situation. He can be very funny, he is kind and certainly hard-working, which seemingly makes him a perfect partner. However, the fact is that Saul is also a compulsive liar and someone who spends all of his time working for some of the most dangerous people around.

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Saul also isn’t the most confident character either, as he can quite often be very scared and nervous about different situations, which isn’t ideal either. He is always looking to make money from any situation too, which would make him likely to exploit any possible partner.

Jesse Pinkman

Aaron Paul

There are parts of Jesse Pinkman that make him a perfect romantic partner. He’s kind, caring, and someone who is interesting to talk to, bringing a lot of energy to everyone in his life. However, at the same time, he is also a major drug addict and someone who isn’t reliable because of that.

He is a very emotional character and he wears his heart on his sleeve, which again is a great trait. But his instability, the danger that he puts himself in and the manner in which he lives his life, being fairly out of control isn’t easy for anybody to deal with.

Gale Boetticher

Gale Boetticher

Gale might end up just as wrapped up in the dangerous world of drugs as well as everyone else, but his involvement is very much from a scientific standpoint. He simply loves working with chemicals and putting together experiments as he just loves all things science.

Gale is an incredibly kind individual, and that’s why he doesn’t really belong in the world that he gets wrapped up within. However, he would make a great partner simply because of his personality, and his caring and inquisitive nature.

Mike Ehrmantraut

mike breaking bad

Mike Ehrmantraut, much like the majority of characters on the show, is wrapped up heavily in the criminal world. However, he is doing it simply to get as much money as possible for his granddaughter, and throughout the series Mike proves himself to be a real family man.

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When he wants to be, Mike can be very kind and he’s experienced and wise, which makes for good conversation. He’s someone who doesn’t take any lies and certainly knows how to protect those that he loves too, which makes him an ideal partner.

Hank Schrader

Hank points a camera at Jesse in Breaking Bad

Hank Schrader isn’t a perfect person, as he is someone who can be very arrogant and is partial to snapping at people with his short fuse. However, for the most part, Hank is a good person. He’s kind, protective, and always tries his best in everything he puts his mind to.

Hank tries to make everything lighthearted which is good, and even though he’s normally the only person who laughs at his jokes, he at least tries to be funny. He cares about his family and is one of the only characters not involved in crime throughout the show, which is another positive for him.

Steve Gomez

Steve Gomez sitting in his office in Breaking Bad

Much like Hank, Steve Gomez finds himself in a really strong job and is on the right side of the law, unlike the vast majority of the characters on the show. That instantly makes him a better romantic option than most men on this show, plus, he is someone who is able to protect those that he loves.

Steve is a much nicer person than Hank, which gives him the edge over his police colleague. Steve isn’t quite as arrogant or short-tempered as Hank is, being a little more fun and friendly, which is crucial to any relationship.

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