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Breaking Bad: The 10 Greatest Supporting Characters

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were the heart and would of Breaking Bad, but supporting characters like Jane and Steve made the show better.

Breaking Bad is one of the most popular and critically praised shows of all time, and the impressive story and strong cast had a big part to play in that. The likes of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have gone down in television history now as iconic characters, with the rest of the main cast also being incredibly strong.

Whether it was Hank, Gus, or Saul, the show had some amazing characters with clear and defined personalities, all of which brought something unique to the story. However, while the focus was on them, there was also a great supporting cast as well. These characters might not have been given as much focus or a dedicated storyline, but they had a part to play in building the overall story.

Gale Boetticher

Gale humming to Mozart tunes at his apartment in Breaking Bad

The man who aspires to be Walter White is a fun personality to have on the show, mainly because it’s something so different from anybody else. Gale is clearly a very nice, kind, and intelligent person, but not somebody who belongs in a life of crime.

However, that is what makes him so interesting, as the unique element of his character being in that world is something that helps him stand out and become memorable. Gale brings some funny and incredibly emotional moments to the show, and is an important part of Jesse’s journey, making him a key supporting character.

Ted Beneke

Ted Beneke offers Skyler her old job back in Breaking Bad

Ted Beneke plays a big part in the family aspect of Breaking Bad due to the impact he has on Walt and Skyler’s marriage. He is an interesting character who has many flaws, but deep down he is just a normal person trying to get by and have a simple life.

He is a key supporting character for a period of time, and that helps to make him a memorable part of the show overall. He’s someone who audiences typically have mixed feelings towards, however, he is certainly an important role.


Krazy-8 works as an introduction for Walt into the world that he is stepping into. While he’s not one of the most serious criminals he comes across, it’s a great starting point for the show. Because he’s only around early on, he is somebody that does get forgotten slightly, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Krazy-8 serves the purpose of proving to Walt just how far he will have to go in order to succeed in this life. He’s a complex character who does bring emotion as well, which makes him important, and that is why he ends up being such a great part of the series.

Gretchen & Elliot

Gretchen and Elliott at a party in Breaking Bad

Gretchen and Elliot are two upstanding citizens that really are just genuinely nice people. While Walt feels like they screwed him, the couple is always happy to help him, which is clear when they offer to pay for all of Walt’s treatment, which could have saved him a lot of trouble.

They pop up from time to time on the show, and while they’re not as heavily involved as some supporting characters, their importance to the series and Walt’s life is crucial. They’re truly at the focal point of everything and that is something that makes them a crucial part of the series.

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

Lydia promises Walt gallons of methalyne in Breaking Bad

Lydia is one of the most intelligent characters to appear within Breaking Bad, and because of that, she’s able to have great influence over Walt overall. She comes at things from a business perspective, which is different from a lot of characters, but it helps make her stand out.

Lydia is cunning and sly, and while she’s certainly not a fan favorite, she does make her presence felt on the show overall. It’s easy to see why she’s one of the best supporting characters, as she helps to take Walt’s business to the next level, even if it’s something she lives to regret.

Jane Margolis

A continuity error in Jane's posicle scene

Jane is an amazing character who has a big impact on Jesse Pinkman’s life. She totally changes how he looks at things and their time together is very sweet and fun to witness. They’re great as a couple and the time they spend is valuable in showcasing a life that Jesse could have had.

However, Jane is also the best character in terms of showcasing the negative impacts of drugs and the damaging effects they can have not just on a person, but their family. She’s an important character to the story of the show in many ways and is absolutely one of the best supporting characters.

Skinny Pete & Badger

Skinny Pete and Badger together in Breaking Bad

Skinny Pete and Badger really come as a double act within the show, and they are absolutely hilarious together. They bring a lot of comedy to Breaking Bad, and seeing them go from street-level drug dealing to operating for Walt and Jesse is a great storyline.

They’re heavily trusted by Jesse, even for serious tasks, despite the fact that they’re not the smartest characters in the show. They always have Jesse’s back and they’re involved in some great moments, which helps to make them memorable characters.

Hector Salamanca

Mark Margolis as Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad

Hector Salamanca is an important figure within Breaking Bad and someone who can put legitimate fear into anybody that comes his way, despite his age and health. Flashbacks of his character showcase just how feared Hector was in his prime, and why that was the case.

He is somebody who has the ultimate respect of everybody within the drug underworld, and he has a huge role to play in the series overall. He makes a great impact with his final moments in the show as well, and he becomes a famous supporting character because of that.

Todd Alquist

Todd Alquist looking to the distance in Breaking Bad.

Todd Alquist isn’t a nice character, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an important one. Breaking Bad is a show littered with questionable people who have poor morals, and Todd is a great example of that. He’s someone who Jesse and Walt trust for a brief period, which turns out to be a mistake.

He’s someone who is quite gullible and tends to just happily follow along with anything he’s told because of that. There are times when audiences feel sorry for him and other times when they hate him, but either way, he certainly plays a big part in how things turn out, which makes him an important supporting character.

Steve Gomez

Steve Gomez sitting in his office in Breaking Bad

Steve Gomez is around from the beginning of Breaking Bad, and he plays a big role in everything that happens over the course of the show from a police standpoint. While he might not be a member of the family, he is Hank’s best friend and someone who is trusted, which is one of the reasons he is such an important character.

Audiences grew to love Steve for the terrific comedy he brought, his reliability, and trustworthiness. He and Hank built a genuine bromance and fought side by side until the very end, with Gomez standing out as one of the most memorable characters from the show.

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