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Bupkis First Look Images Reveal Sopranos Star As Pete Davidson’s Mom

The Sopranos' Edie Falco is Pete Davidson’s mom in new images from Bupkis, the upcoming semi-autobiographical Peacock series about the SNL star.

The Sopranos star Edie Falco is Pete Davidson’s mom in Bupkis first-look images. No longer a cast member on SNL, Davidson is ready to spread his comedy wings with new projects. Coming soon for the sometimes controversial star is the new Peacock series Bupkis, which sees Davidson playing a fictionalized version of himself. Davidson will be supported in the new series by a pair of acting heavyweights, as he’s joined by Sopranos star Falco as his mother alongside Oscar-winner Joe Pesci as his grandfather.

Audiences were previously treated to a first look at Pesci in Bupkis, and now EW has revealed a first glimpse at Falco as Davidson’s mother and Pesci’s daughter.

Pesci shows up again in one of the images, which depicts a domestic scene featuring the three main stars. The other image shows a more intimate and tender moment between Davidson’s character and Falco’s.

Everything We Know About Bupkis

Pete Davidson and Joe Pesci in Bupkis

Davidson has of course gone the autobiographical route before, starring as a loose version of himself in the well-received 2020 Judd Apatow film The King of Staten Island. Though Bupkis may stick closer to the facts of Davidson’s life than the Apatow film, it is still described as a “heightened” version of his real story, and is characterized as an “action comedy.” According to Falco, the show’s tone at times is “straight-up silly,” and she teased that much of the action is not exactly rooted in the kind of realism that was featured on her previous shows The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie:

“It’s not based on the way a character would really behave in that situation. It really is more about what an audience would find funny but within the realm of a mother-son relationship. So it’s really out of my wheelhouse.”

Falco also told EW that there was a lot of improvising on the set of Bupkis, and she went out of her way to praise co-star Davidson’s natural charm, saying “There’s a reason that so many people like this kid.” In addition to Davidson, Falco and Pesci, Bupkis stars an array of gifted comedic performers, including Charlie Day, Ray Romano, Kenan Thompson, Brad Garrett, Chase Sui Wonders, Simon Rex and Shane Gillis. It will be fascinating to see how Falco adapts to doing “straight-up silly” comedy at this point in her long career, which has seen her win four Emmy awards along the way. Bupkis is set to hit Peacock on May 4, 2023.

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