Cannes in the retro: Sophia Loren, the birth of a myth

72 people! In 1954, Italy arrived in force at the Cannes Film Festival. Raf Vallone and Gina Lollobrigida are, in theory, the “heads of the list” of this artistic delegation. And yet from the first evening, the flashes of the photographers illuminate in priority a young actress, Sofia Scicolone. Discover here François Chalais’ “Cinépanorama” with Jacques Tati

After debuting on the screen under the name of Sofia Lazzaro, she finally chose the pseudonym of Sophia Loren. In less than two years, she multiplies the short appearances on the screen. Everyone then agrees that she will soon find herself at the top of the bill, and even at the top of the glories of the seventh art. This became reality in 1961 when she received a standing ovation on the Palace stage, just after receiving the Best Actress Award for La Ciociara, directed by Vittorio de Sica. A few evenings earlier, she caused a stir when she arrived at the Soviet party wearing a red dress that had arrived from Rome on a special plane. Later, when she received an Oscar in Hollywood, she was already considered an exceptional star, a potential myth. A status whose reality François Chalais was one of the first to measure. Find François Chalais’ Cinépanorama programs on Madelen, the Ina platform.

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