Cobra Kai: The 10 Most One-Sided Fights

Most of Cobra Kai's battles are fair contests, but some other fights are really just one-sided beatdowns.

Cobra Kai has become one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. A large part of this is the show’s ability to write characters and tastefully tap into nostalgia by bringing in characters from the original films at the right time. But another, equally relevant part to it is just how jam-packed with action the series is.

Of course, when the series has dueling karate dojos it’s not a surprise fights can break out at any moment. But that doesn’t mean the fights are always even. Sometimes there’s a gap in experience that results in one party getting a major beatdown, and in certain cases, these are even better than the competitive fights in the series.

10 Johnny Easily Beat Down Kyler & His Friends

The start of the series shows a broken-down Johnny Lawrence just trying to keep a roof over his head. He doesn’t seem to have kept up with his training… or at least that’s how it seems. When Johnny tries to get a bunch of kids bullying Miguel away from his car so he can go home, the cocky high schoolers challenge him to fight.

Despite being several decades older than they are and having him outnumbered, there’s little they can do to him. It’s this easy victory that becomes the impetus of the entire series, as Miguel asks Johnny to train him in karate.

Daniel Was Forced To Beat Up An Entire Hockey Team

During Season 4, both Daniel and Johnny agreed to learn from each other’s karate styles. This mixing involved learning how to adapt to each other’s training methods as well.

With that in mind, Johnny purposefully gets Daniel in trouble with the local hockey team… and then promptly bails the moment the hockey team confronts Daniel, leaving him to fight multiple angry hockey members alone.

Chozen Displayed Superior Karate Skills In His Rematch With Daniel

Daniel’s rivalry with Chozen in Karate Kid II was his most dangerous. While the others were after defeating him at best, or humiliating him at worst, Chozen was different. He wanted to make up for a perceived slight from Miyagi by attacking Miyagi’s only student, Daniel. In the end, the two of them fought in a battle that should have been to the death.

When Daniel visited Japan in Season 3, the two of them have a rematch. Boasting far superior training including the ability to numb Daniel’s limbs, Chozen has the opportunity to kill Daniel again… but chooses to spare his life instead. If nothing else, at least Daniel learned the pressure point technique for himself.

Sam’s Training With Eagle Fang Karate Leaves Piper Unable To Fight Back

Piper is another member of Cobra Kai that joins in the fourth season. Though she’s inexperienced, she’s naturally athletic and takes to it easily. Her competitive nature leads her to be overconfident against Sam during the All-Valley.

Believing the Miyagi-Do style is all defense, she’s surprised when Sam switches to the offensive Eagle Fang style. Lacking in both experience and losing her mental edge, she becomes a footnote on Sam’s way to entering the finals.

Terry Silver Ambushes & Easily Defeats Johnny Lawrence

Though Johnny never got to meet Terry Silver in the original films, he does get to know him in Cobra Kai‘s fourth season. Here, Johnny takes offense that Silver is trying to buy his son’s loyalty with money. Wanting to confront Silver directly, Johnny is lured to the original Cobra Kai dojo. There, just like with Daniel years ago, he finds himself ambushed and beaten down.

The only thing that saves Johnny is Kreese commanding Silver to stand down. It’s this very weakness that leads to Silver turning on Kreese at the end of Season 4.

Tory Beats Devon Without Losing A Single Point

Devon Lee is one of the other additions to the Cobra Kai cast. Fans grew to like her because of her no-nonsense attitude and intelligence. As Eagle Fang’s only female representative, she went fairly fair into the All-Valley. However, she stood no chance against Tory.

With Tory being one of the most driven members of Cobra Kai, she was put down without gaining any points. To Devon’s credit though, she was eager to come back in future All-Valley tournaments to establish herself as a champion.

Miguel Beats Down Kyler & His Friends With Ease After Training With Johnny

Though this stretches the limits of believability a bit, Miguel takes to karate quickly. By the time Kyler’s manipulative bully status is affecting Sam, Miguel has become a talented fighter.

When he stands up for Sam, Kyler and his friends attack, but Miguel’s skills have increased to the point where three untrained people are no match for him. Not only does he take them down, but his skill at doing so leads to Cobra Kai getting a host of new students joining, looking to become as talented as him.

Hawk Gained His Confidence Again After Easily Beating Kyler

As one of the main villains for the last few seasons, Eli went through one of the better character arcs of Season 4. Though he’d already joined Miyagi-Do, his actions as a member of Cobra Kai weren’t forgotten. He spent much of the season searching for himself, all the way up to his match against Kyler in the All-Valley.

Though Kyler had garnered experience training under both Kreese and Silver, his overconfidence was his downfall. Realizing he no longer had to define himself as the bully of Cobra Kai (and bolstered by a kiss from his ex-girlfriend Moon), Hawk took Kyler down in the quickest 3-0 match of the tournament.

Robby Embarrasses Kenny During Their Match-Up

At the end of Season 4, Robby faces off with Kenny Payne, the kid he agreed to train for the sake of his friend Shawn. Robby had been training Kenny for the better part of the season, and Kenny took to it surprisingly quickly. However, there’s an obvious size and experience gap present during the tournament.

Though Robby allows Kenny to get points not wanting to embarrass him, the moment he thinks Kenny is taking advantage of him, things change. He finishes Kenny in moments, leaving the young teen frustrated and embracing Cobra Kai’s No Mercy mantra later on.

Hawk Destroyed Brucks To Prove He Wasn’t Going To Be Bullied

When John Kreese started recruiting, he brought in the very same bullies who ruined Miguel, Hawk, and Demetri’s early high school lives. Though Hawk backed down initially, it took only a moment for his training to kick in. As Kreese forced all the new recruits to fight the current ones, Hawk decided to take one of his former bullies in a match. Or a massacre.

This might be the most brutal beating on the show, as Hawk pummels Brucks until he’s a bloodied mess on the floor. And for the extra disrespect, he spits on Brucks’ bloodied body before Brucks is never seen again.

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