Announced the third installment in The Equalizer franchise, starring award-winning actor Denzel Washington, was in the works in January. Joining the trilogy is former Washington co-star and well-known actress Dakota Fanning, Deadline reports.

Washington and Fanning will reunite after nearly 20 years of starring opposite each other in the 2004 action thriller Man on Fire. In 2004, Man on Fire debuted at #1 in the box office and grossed $22,751,490. Fanning joins the cast following her recent role in the Michelle Pfeiffer-starring Showtime’s The First Lady.

The concept for The Equalizer 3 is currently unknown. The film is written by Richard Wenk and produced by Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch and Washington-himself. Longtime Washington collaborator and director Antoine Fuqua returns for the third installment.

The Equalizer 2 grossed $190 million worldwide and spawned a television series, starring Queen Latifah on CBS. The Equalizer 3 marks Washington and Fuqua fifth collaboration.

Both Washington and Fanning have yet to comment on the reunion at press time. Equalizer 3 is slated for September 2023 for Sony Pictures.

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