Deva Cassel: “Even if I live French-style, I still feel very Italian. Excuse me, dad!”

Born under a lucky star, the eldest daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel traces her path in style. High school student, influencer and model, Deva is, at 17, the new Dior ambassador.

It is a beauty of yesteryear, straight out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting.

Long, undulating hair like a sea of ​​ebony, powdered lips, hazelnut-green eyes shot through with flames and tinged with a slight insolence.

Deva Cassel, this pale-skinned nymph with obsidian eyes, is the daughter of incandescent star Monica Bellucci and sexy and whimsical comedian Vincent Cassel.

How do you free yourself from such an ancestry, to which must be added that of your paternal grandfather, Jean-Pierre Cassel, an immense actor, a young first who was seen tap dancing with Gene Kelly?

How to find your way when you are the daughter of one of the most glamorous ex-couples in the history of French cinema?

How not to be encumbered by so much success and notoriety?

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As a young girl of her time, Deva doesn’t care.

She is lucky to have a friendly relationship with protective and loving parents, who have planned everything so that the good fairies look into her cradle from birth.

First, a first name of an Indian goddess, Deva, which means to shine, to shine, to sparkle, and which the young girl appreciates: “My parents did a good job in choosing this rare first name for me which I like a lot”, concedes- she.

Then, a date of birth, September 12, which places the child under the sign of Virgo, a demanding, earthy sign, which organizes, thinks, anticipates.

In short, everything to build a solid trajectory.

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Deva had a nomadic childhood shared between several countries, including France, Brazil and Italy.

She frequents many schools randomly wandering due to the filming of her parents, their moods.

“I learned to adapt.

It’s not always easy, but it helps me a lot today and allows me to juggle between my different activities.

I have always been told that I was creative.

If so, I owe it to these incessant wanderings that force you to step out of your comfort zone, not to be afraid and to know how to choose.

What I like about fashion is that it talks about us

Deva Kassel

At 17, Deva is in high school and intends not to stop there.

“Studies are one of my priorities,” she says.

The young girl, who also likes to sing, dance, cook, draw, is passionate about art classes.

And, unwittingly, she becomes an influencer with her 620,000 subscribers.

Even if she finds that her generation spends too much time connected to the networks, to the point of losing the enjoyment of the present moment, she admits to giving in to this addiction.

In his defense, it’s kind of part of his job.

“I mainly consult accounts on fashion and the decorative arts.

It gives me inspiration to assert myself as a model.

Like my mother, I started very young, at 15.

What should only be an experience is gradually evolving, I hope, into a profession.

Deva Cassel, portraits of a young girl in flowers

In images, in pictures

See the slideshow06 photos

See the slideshow06 photos

She is first and foremost the face of Dolce & Gabbana perfumes.

A brand that corresponds to its Italian origins.

“Even if I live in the French way, I still feel very Italian.

Excuse me, dad!”, she underlines, mischievous.

She is now also a fashion ambassador for Dior and attended the Spring-Summer 2022 collection parade for the first time. She is particularly fond of the work of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the label’s artistic director, her rich creations messages on the virtue of interbreeding, whether it be colors, inspirations or genres.

Listen: the editorial staff podcast

For Deva, the Italian designer has above all the gift of creating a feminine, elegant and sensual style, while remaining in line with current trends.

“What I like about fashion is that it talks about us, our life, our questions.”

And she adds: “What attracts me is the possibility of creating new worlds through clothing and the synergy that takes place between photographers, models and designers, so strong that it is able to give a soul to the creations of the designers.”

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