Did Ron Howard Appear in More Episodes of ‘Happy Days’ or ‘The Andy Griffith Show’?

Ron Howard has been on TV sets for close to six decades. Outsiders, did he have more appearances on “Happy Days” or “The Andy Griffith Show”?

Let’s go to the IMDb tale of the tape. OK, so there’s not a real one but we can compare both shows side by side.

On “Happy Days,” Howard played Richie Cunningham, son of Howard and Marion Cunningham, played by Tom Bosley and Marion Ross. So, he appeared in 170 episodes of the Garry Marshall-created sitcom.

On “The Andy Griffith Show,” Howard played Opie Taylor, son of Sheriff Andy Taylor, played by Andy Griffith. So, he appeared in 239 episodes of the Danny Thomas/Sheldon Leonard-created sitcom.

The scoreboard reads “Mayberry 1, Milwaukee 0” when it comes to Ron Howard being on the CBS primetime sitcom more than the ABC one.

Yet here’s one thing both shows can say they have in common. Fans love watching syndicated reruns of “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Happy Days.” Go ahead, Outsiders, use your TV clicker and find a show that suits your funny bone.

His TV career led Ron Howard to finally pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a movie director.

Still, one would be hard-pressed to not appreciate his work as sons on two of television’s most popular shows.

Director Brought Back His Movie ‘Backdraft’ For One Week Only in September

Ron Howard has made some pretty impressive movies. He decided to bring one of his favorites back to theaters for one week in September.

It was “Backdraft” from 1991. Howard went onto his Twitter page for his announcement. He also gave some of us a lesson in movie-making.

“Before CGI fire was possible, we made Backdraft,” Howard wrote. “In-camera, with actors and stunt people and sets on fire. 30 years later, see it (again, or for the first time) on the big screen on September 5 & 8 only!”

And that was it. Either you saw it in theaters those days or you will pick to see it on television at home.

Here’s a synopsis of the movie provided by Fathom Events.

It said, “Ron Howard directs an all-star cast in this exciting action-thriller that shows you the mystery, drama, and devastation of fire as you’ve never seen it before!

“Kurt Russell and William Baldwin star as two feuding siblings carrying on a heroic family tradition as Chicago firefighters,” the synopsis said. “But when a puzzling series of arson attacks is reported, they are forced to set aside their differences to solve the mystery surrounding these explosive crimes.”

His movie success goes into “Cocoon,” “Apollo 13,” and “Willow.”

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