Did ‘Three’s Company’ Star John Ritter Ever Win an Emmy?

During his tenure on the popular sitcom “Three’s Company,” John Ritter brought smiles and joy and laughter to the millions who watched the show.

So, did his work on the show ever earn him the prized Emmy Award that so many actors want? In short, the answer is yes. According to the website for the Emmy Awards, Ritter was nominated for the award six times. However, not all of those nominations were the result of his work on the famous sitcom.

His nominations were as follows: 1978 – Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for “Three’s Company”; 1981 – Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for “Three’s Company”; 1984- Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for “Three’s Company”; 1988 – Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for “Hooperman”; 1999 – Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for “Ally McBeal”‘ 2004 – Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for “8 Simple Rules.”

So, which of his six nominations earned John Ritter his Emmy Award? According to the website, the actor won the coveted award in 1984. And, he won it for his work on “Three’s Company.” Considering all the laughs Ritter brought to television audiences while he was on the show, that award was very well deserved.

John Ritter’s Son Accidentally Broke His Father’s Emmy Award When He was a Child

According to a September 2017 report by Entertainment Weekly, the Emmy Award John Ritter received for his work on “Three’s Company” was accidentally broken. The person reportedly responsible for the damage was Ritter’s son Jason Ritter.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Jason Ritter talked to “People” magazine about his love for the Emmy Award his father had received.

“My dad’s Emmy was on the shelf, and I remember sort of playing with it. I’m not 100 percent sure if I broke it, or what, but it definitely was broken at a certain point,” Jason Ritter reportedly said. “I definitely have guilty feelings and memories about it, so I think I did break it a little bit. Just the tip of the wing.”

Jason also recalled that his father wasn’t too upset when he found out about the broken statue. The boy was only 4 years old when the award was damaged.

John Ritter Had Successful Hollywood Career in Addition to Success on ‘Three’s Company’

John Ritter was a talented comedic actor with a long list of credits to his name. Among them was the popular television show “Three’s Company.” Thanks to his successful career, Ritter was a wealthy man at the time of his death. According to an article on CelebrityNetWorth.com, John Ritter’s net worth was $20 million when he died on Sept. 11, 2003. He was only 54 years old.

According to the article, Ritter bought a home in Beverly Hills, California, for $2.2 million in 1996. The home was put on the market in 2017 by his widow, actress Amy Yasbeck. The price tag was $6.5 million. The house reportedly sold for $55,000 more than that price tag.

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