Downton Abbey: 10 Best Characters Introduced After Season 1

Downton Abbey had many great characters introduced after season 1, but some were more memorable than others. These are the best of the bunch.

Some of the best-loved characters on Downton Abbey, whether it’s the adorable Tom Branson or the legendary Dowager Countess, have been present since the very first season. However, over the course of time, various other characters have become part of the show in a supporting capacity, and fans have become invested in their fates, as well.

As the TV show moves on to the film format, characters like Baxter, Bertie Pelham, and Andy still have some way to go before fans are completely satisfied with their arc. But there were others who bid farewell over the seasons and whose stories remain somewhat unfinished.

Martha Levinson

Cora Crawley’s mother is one of the most entertaining characters the show introduced post-season 1. Martha Levinson is a wealthy widow living in America and her sassy sarcasm is matched only by the Dowager’s razor-sharp wit. One of the things fans most enjoyed about Cora’s mother was her constant quipping at Violet, who retorted in full form, making the scenes some of the most epic moments in the show.

Although Martha appeared only a few times, the first time being in season 3, it’s evident that she is still around. It would be interesting to get a glimpse of her life in America once more in Downton Abbey: A New Era. Fans look forward to some witty repartee in this sequel between their favorite British period characters.


The fumbling young footman has slowly but surely carved a place for himself amongst the downstairs folks at the Abbey since season 5. Andy is not the most expressive of people, but his feelings for Daisy are clearly out in the open, and one of the things that fans, especially Redditors, hope for in the upcoming film Downton Abbey: A New Era, is that wedding bells might be in the cards for these two before long.

Andy is shy and mild-mannered, although he has been shown to get vengeful in a bout of jealousy. This makes his pairing with Daisy even more apt since the latter has now gone from being a bundle of nerves to a determined young woman with initiative and a mind of her own. The relationship between the two thus makes for a fun watch.


The housemaid Ethel worked at the Abbey during World War I when the house was turned into a hospital for injured officers in season 2. Fans will remember her poignant tale as she gave birth to a child belonging to one of the officers and was cast out on the street, left to fend for herself and her baby all on her own.

Ethel represented the many unfortunate women at the time who often bore the consequences of the war. Thankfully, well-meaning and friendly characters like Isabel Crawley and Mrs. Hughes rose to the occasion and Ethel’s brief but compelling plotline made her one of the more interesting characters who appeared post-season 1.

Harold Levinson

Cora Crawley’s brother is something of a playboy, although when fans meet him, he appears reticent and taciturn by nature. Harold enjoys his bachelorhood, indulging in his family’s wealth, and seems to find it difficult to connect with women emotionally.

He is shown to develop some affection for Lord Aysgarth’s daughter, Madelaine, upon his visit to the Granthams’ estate. However, that was the last he was seen, and yet the character was layered enough to warrant his own separate storyline.

Lavinia Swire

Sweet and gentle Lavinia’s relationship with Matthew was doomed from the start. The latter made some questionable romantic choices on Downton Abbey by openly doting on Mary albeit being engaged to Miss Swire.

Fans were invested in the love triangle in the second season, especially since Lavinia was a perfectly lovely woman and a devoted fiancee to Matthew. Her death seemed thoroughly unfair and caused Matthew a great deal of pain. Although Matthew also passed away soon after, Lavinia is remembered by fans for her fateful plotline.

Michael Gregson

Yet another interesting character the show introduced in season 3 was the London publisher magazine editor, Gregson. Michael Gregson was a gentle, sensitive, intelligent man whose presence in Edith’s life was to determine her journey henceforth, both personally and professionally.

Indeed, Gregson seemed like the perfect match for the ill-fated Edith, but instead was sent to Germany and killed off unceremoniously and way too soon. Of course, his death, one of the saddest things that happened to Edith in Downton Abbey, also ensured that she became more of a self-made woman than any other Crawley. But fans did hope to see a bit more of him before his sudden demise off-screen.


Lady Grantham’s current maid, Baxter, is the perfect antithesis of her predecessor, O’Brien. Unlike the latter, who was sly and scheming, Baxter is good-hearted and always has other’s best interests in mind.

Fans are currently rooting for her relationship with the perpetually bungling Mr. Molsley, another fan-favorite character. Her role in helping Anna and Mr. Bates when they were struggling with the case involving the murder of the despicable Mr. Green also warmed fans towards her.


A late entry, Bertie Pelham proved to be more than he had seemed at first glance. Fans loved him for immediately valuing Edith for who she was, and it made perfect sense that the two should end up together after all, despite the drama surrounding Marigold’s identity.

Bertie, or the Marquess of Hexham, is at present the highest socially placed character on the show, higher than the Earl of Grantham himself. Yet, he is down to earth and unassuming for the most part and fans hope to see him with Edith and their child, and a more grown-up Marigold in the upcoming movie.


Rose Aldridge was spirited, vivacious, and easily one of the best characters the show had following season 1. Her presence breathed some life into the rather austere ambiance of the Abbey, and fans fell in love at once with this young woman who rebelled against confining social expectations.

Rose was not seen in Downton Abbey: The Movie and as far as trailers depict, it seems unlikely that she will appear in the sequel either. However, as a supporting character on the show, she won hearts and would always be welcomed back with open arms.

Charles Blake

Not the most likable of the Downton Abbey main characters, what Lady Mary went through was both horrifying and tragic, to say the least. After Matthew’s shocking death, Mary was shown gradually opening herself up to other suitors, of which she never seemed to have a dearth.

One such suitor was Charles Blake, who was introduced briefly in season 4 and whose chemistry with Mary was instantaneous. The two were constantly at loggerheads, disagreeing over what they thought should be the future of the aristocracy in England after the war. However, from their conflict arose mutual respect and Charles declared his feelings for Mary shortly after. Unfortunately, Mary didn’t go ahead with either of her suitors at the time but to this day, many fans feel that Charles was perfect for the eldest Crawley sister.

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