Downton Abbey: 10 Movies & TV Shows Where You’ve Seen The Cast

Downton Abbey is full of actors who previously appeared in memorable shows and films, including Dame Maggie Smith and Rose Leslie.

Downton Abbey quickly became a huge hit as the period drama filled viewers’ screens with dramatic storylines, moving scenes and of course, a credible portrayal of the early 1900s, set amongst the breathtaking Downton stately home.

With the film Downton Abbey: A New Era on the way, audiences are set to learn more about the Crawley family and how their lives have changed. The acting throughout the series has been impeccable, so fans may wish to find out where else they can watch their favorite Downton actors.

Maggie Smith: Harry Potter (2001-2010)

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The Dowager Countess is one of the most captivating characters on the show. Violet’s quick wit has produced some of the funniest quotes in Downton Abbey and the unmatchable skill of Maggie Smith was the perfect choice to play the part.

Smith’s extensive career has seen her take up roles in a plethora of projects including Sister Act and The Lady In The Van, but one of her most notable works is as Minerva McGonagall in Harry Potter. As the firm but fair Hogwarts Professor, Smith’s talent shone through as she yet again found an intriguing balance between being intimidating but with a softer side.

Michelle Dockery: The Gentlemen (2019)

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Michelle Dockery presented a fierce Lady Mary, who followed in the footsteps of her steadfast grandmother. The ups and downs of life see her hard exterior crack occasionally, to reveal a kinder side.

In The Gentlemen Rosalind, played by Dockery, is self-assured and confident, working as a team with her gangster husband. Albeit Lady Crawley is a completely different character and of another time, there are similarities that can be drawn between both in their unwavering strength. Dockery once again displays her striking acting skills, scoring high on theranking of most badass characters in The Gentlemen.

Rose Leslie: Game Of Thrones (2012)

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Rose Leslie’s time as Gwen in Downton Abbey allowed her to play the traits of a delicate character, whilst being liked by her peers and showing herself to be reliable.

Whilst some of those qualities were also on display during her time as Ygritte in Game Of Thrones, Leslie had the opportunity to express a physically strong side to her character. The series is far more action-packed than Downton Abbey, with the two shows demonstrating how Leslie is able to adapt to any genre she chooses to work in.

Siobhan Finneran: Time (2021)

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She may not be Downton Abbey’s most likable character, but O’Brien was nonetheless an enthralling component of the show.

As an actor that can transfer her ability to various genres, Siobhan Finneran was a longstanding character in one of the best British sitcoms of the past decade, Benidorm. Other appearances have included many British dramas, including the Netflix adaptation of Harlan Coben’s The Stranger. One of her most recent works was Time, in which Finneran plays a prison chaplain whose selflessness provides a safe place for inmates.

Joanne Froggatt: Angela Black (2021)

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Anna’s service to the Crawley family is valued as she works hard and doesn’t cause any trouble at the stately home. But the gentle lady’s maid shouldn’t be mistaken as the only type of role that Joanne Froggatt can embody.

Her filmography spans lung bustlingly funny The Royle Family, to intense drama Liar, and more recently, the psychological thriller Angela Black, in which secrets are revealed to her about her abusive husband. Froggatt brings new energy to each part she plays, making it easy to forget each character is being played by the same person.

Robert James-Collier: Coronation Street (2006-2008)

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Considering Thomas is close friends with O’Brien, it should probably come as no surprise that he isn’t the most pleasant of characters and has quite a deceitful streak in him, which adds drama to the servant’s quarters.

Prior to Downton Abbey, Robert James-Collier was best known for his two-year appearance in the British soap opera Coronation Street. The soap is a completely different style of screen work compared to Downton Abbey, but Collier was evidently capable in both.

Hugh Bonneville: Paddington (2014)

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Although Downton Abbey is easy viewing for all the family, younger children perhaps wouldn’t be so inclined to watch. However, that doesn’t mean they would have to miss out on the talents of the cast, as some can be seen in other films more age-appropriate.

Hugh Bonneville has featured in many movies, including the delightful Paddington. As a Risk Analyst, he is extremely cautious and protective of his family. Although the Earl of Grantham does love his family, his decision making is sometimes off and his personality does differ from Henry’s, proving Bonneville’s ability as an actor.

Jim Carter: The Little Vampire (2000)

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Mr. Carson is like the Grandad of Downton Abbey. He runs a tight ship but isn’t completely devoid of all warmth and emotion. He cares greatly about the three daughters, truly committing to his job.

In The Little Vampire, Carter is worlds away from his time as a butler, as his part is of an evil vampire hunter, who is the main villain of the film. Carter is more suited to his part in the period drama, not because he doesn’t play Rookery well in The Little Vampire, but simply because he is so good, he deserves more screen time and he certainly gets it in Downton Abbey.

Penelope Wilton: After Life (2019-2022)

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Penelope Wilton’s character Isobel, serves as a contrast to the Dowager Countess, making the pair something of a double act. Wilton gracefully plays her role which exudes wisdom and it’s not the only part she’s had with that quality.

Most recently, Wilton starred in Ricky Gervais’ After Life as Anne, a kind woman who forms one of the best relationships in After Life with the main character Tony. Her beautiful depiction is every bit as wonderful as her part in Downton Abbey, which is sure to only please those who are already a fan of her work at the stately home.

Jeremy Swift: Ted Lasso (2020)

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Spratt is quite a rigid character in Downton Abbey, serving Violet to the best of his ability. He doesn’t have the most exciting personality which is in direct contrast to Jeremy Swift’s most recent work as Higgins in Ted Lasso.

Higgins is a bubbly, helpful character that enhances every scene he’s in. Swift is able to portray his own skill as an actor, by suitably fitting every mood of each scene. Higgins has become one of the best-loved characters in the sitcom and Swift’s acting is one of the main reasons for that.

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