Downton Abbey: A New Era’s Character List Confirms Another Wedding

Downton Abbey: A New Era features the wedding of Tom and Lucy, but a look at the guestlist shows another couple may have already tied the knot.

Weddings have long been a staple of season finales and the happy endings of movies, and as both a TV series and a feature film, Downton Abbey has had more than its fair share. The teaser trailer for Downton Abbey: A New Era depicts what appears to be the nuptials of Tom Branson, Lady Sybil’s widower, and his current love interest, Lucy Smith, the maid and secret love child of a Baroness. It’s not much of a surprise that the sequel would marry off Tom for a second time. After all, nearly everyone else is already hitched, even perpetually unlucky in love Lady Edith. But pay close attention to the names of the characters presented in the style of a guest list at the end of the trailer. One name confirms that another Downton wedding either will or has already taken place.

Perhaps the worst at picking potential mates of the Downton household is Daisy Robinson, the kitchen maid turned assistant to Mrs. Patmore. She spent much of the beginning of the series pining for Thomas Barrow, who occasionally led her on, but who the audience always knew was gay. Meanwhile, she was trying to duck the advances of the sweet William Mason, who adored her. Unfortunately, Daisy couldn’t reciprocate William’s feelings, but after he sustained injuries from which he would not recover on the battlefield, she agreed to become Mrs. Daisy Mason, though their union lasted a mere six hours.

She had crushes on other men employed by the Crawleys and found herself on the losing end of a love triangle between footman Alfred and new kitchen maid Ivy. Eventually, Daisy seemed to give up on romance and was sustained by her friendships with Mrs. Patmore and her father-in-law Albert Mason. Then, as the TV series neared its end, she found love with Andy Parker, a footman who was hired to work Lady’s Rose’s wedding and stayed on. Daisy nearly blew it with a nice guy again when she waffled as to whether she was attracted to Andy, even as he opened up to her and helped her at Yew Tree Farm. When the last movie left off with them, she’d accepted his marriage proposal and decided to start planning her wedding.

In the teaser, Daisy’s last name is listed as Parker, not Mason. Their exchange of vows may be a part of the sequel, though it’s much more probable that Daisy and Andy tied the knot sometime in between. Fans didn’t get to see the engagement on screen, so it doesn’t seem like creator Julian Fellowes feels the need to make much of a story out of Daisy and Andy’s pairing. Downton Abbey: A New Era takes place sometime after the first film, and considering they were already engaged at the start of the movie, that’s a long engagement, especially by 1920s standards. The important thing is that, after so many failed attempts at love, Daisy has finally found her own happily ever after.

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