Downton Abbey Full Trailer & Poster: The Royal Family Make The Trip To Downton

The full trailer for the upcoming Downton Abbey movie reveals the Crawleys are gathering in anticipation of the Royal Family’s arrival.

After what seems like a very long delay, the full trailer for the Downton Abbey movie finally arrives, providing the first glimpse at what the film’s plot will be. Though it wasn’t too much of a surprise to learn the acclaimed BBC series would make the jump from television to film, it seemed odd that so few details surrounding the plot were being released. That didn’t seem to bother most fans, as the show’s primary cast of Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, Elizabeth McGovern, Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Brendan Coyle and more were all signed on to appear, making the latest gathering at Downton a star-studded affair.

But it’s nevertheless surprising that this is the first full trailer for the film, which is to be released later this summer. Films usually allow for a much longer lead time with regard to the marketing, which may speak to the relative size of Downton Abbey in comparison to other summer blockbusters. Though it may also prove to be a smart move, as the studio behind the film may have avoided an earlier trailer getting lost in the glut of advertisements for the summer’s biggest movies.

A brief teaser for the film was issued in late 2018, ostensibly inviting audiences to a very special occasion, and now it’s clear exactly what that occasion will be. The full trailer delivers a series of short updates for the members of the Crawley family before dropping the news that the king and queen will be stopping by for a formal gathering at the estate in the bucolic English countryside. You can check out the full trailer and poster for the Downton Abbey movie below:

Though the film centers on the Royal Family inviting themselves over to the Crawley’s house for dinner and a celebration in their honor, it would seem that series creator and writer Julian Fellowes knows that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what audiences are expecting to see. In addition to Lady Mary experiencing some new personal dilemma and her sister Edith finally in a state of contentment, there’s a few pointed barbs from Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess.

Still, it would seem the film’s big emotional though line may hinge on the return of Jim Carter’s Mr. Carson to the house he so diligently ran for so many years. Though he’s left Downton in the capable hands of the reformed Thomas, a new Downton Abbey story wouldn’t be the same without Mr. Carson’s presence. In all, it looks as though the film will be a late summer must see for fans of the series.

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