Downton Abbey: Who Was Rose MacClare’s Best Love Interest?

Downton Abbey’s Lady Rose has had her fair share of love interests over the years, here is a ranking of all the scoundrels and gentlemen.

Downton Abbey is a historical drama that revolves around a fictional country estate in Yorkshire. It follows the aristocratic family, the Crawleys and their domestic staff as they live through some of the biggest events in British History. Those at Downton have also experienced their fair share of romance and scandals. This also includes Lady Rose MacClare, whose love interests are ranked here from scoundrel to gentlemen.

Lady MacClare, the great-niece to the Dowager Countess, was one of the more forward-thinking and rebellious characters of Downton Abbey. While her family may not have always approved of this, her modern sensibilities are also reflected in her choice of men.

5) Rose MacClare Was Too Good For Terence Margadale

In last place, which should be of no surprise to anyone, is Terence Margadale. Rose started having an affair with Terence when she was only 18 years old. Not only was he much older than her and used to work for her father, but he was also married. Rose was swept up by his charms and promises, telling her that he would leave his “horrid” wife for her and promising to then run away together.

This, of course, did not end well for the two of them, especially after Rose’s cousins and her aunt Rosamund found out about the affair. It can be said that Rose was young and naive at the time, unaware that men such as Terence would only lead to heartbreak. It was lucky for her that her family intervened at the time and separated the two of them.

4) John Bullock Was Rose MacClare’s Drunken Fool

In fourth place comes Sir John Bullock. While he had a good start, it was his drunken shenanigans that landed him here. Rose met Bullock at a Downton Abbey party, as he was friends with the Crawleys. At first, he seemed like a handsome and charming gentleman, with the two of them hitting it off and even spending most of the night talking together.

When Rose, Bullock and some of her family go out to the Lotus Jazz club in London, this opinion of him changes. He makes a drunken fool of himself and Rose even tries to help him, but he leaves her alone on the dance floor. His embarrassing behavior quickly got him crossed off the list of potential suitors. However, it can be said that this was a good thing because she was able to meet Jack Ross that very night.

3) Samuel Thawley Was a Sweet Love Interest for Rose MacClare

In third place is the sweet Samuel Thawley, a gardener from Easingwold. The two of them met when Rose was impersonating a maid at a dancehall in York. From the first moment that he laid his eyes on her, Sam was smitten. Afterward, Sam even made the effort to meet up with Rose at Downton Abbey. With Rose wanting to keep up the pretence, she quickly changed into a maid’s uniform to meet with him.

It is clear that Tom was there to profess his love for her, but Rose turns him down. What put Tom in third place was that, even though he is only making a brief appearance, his actions show how much of a good character he has. He did not argue or try to change Rose’s mind, and he took her answer in stride and walked off into the night.

2) The World Was Not Ready For Jack Ross and Rose MacClare

The same night that Bullock ditches Rose on the dance floor is when Jack sweeps her off her feet, of which her family immediately disapproves. This is where Rose shows her more progressive side as she does not care much about what they think, like the late Lady Sybil, and takes an immediate liking to him. The two of them continue to meet up and eventually get engaged.

Jack is in second place because he loved Rose and cared not only about what her family would think of her, but how society would shun her if the two were to be married. He knows that these factors would always work against them and he didn’t want this life for her. This is why he then decided to call off the engagement.

1) Atticus Aldridge Is Rose MacClare’s Best Love Interest

Rose finds love and marriage at last with Atticus Aldridge. Unlike the long-lasting and complicated romances of the other residents of Downton Abbey, their story is simple yet sweet. After her short engagement with Jack, Rose was not as interested in getting married. This was until Atticus Aldridge came into her life. Atticus’s family fled from Russia due to their Jewish faith, after which they settled in England and amassed their fortune through banking.

Atticus takes first place because he and Rose make quite the pair. They care deeply for each other and are willing to face any hardships together as partners. This mainly comes in the form of Atticus’ father’s and Rose’s mother’s disapproval of their marriage, which they try to prevent. However, this doesn’t get in their way as they are soon happily married and living in New York with their daughter. While her choice of men hasn’t always been the best, it seems that Rose finally found her way to love and happiness.

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