Elvis Presley Reportedly Had a Private Bathroom Fit for a King

It makes sense that the “King of Rock and Roll” would own a bathroom steeped in gold. We’ve known for years that Elvis Presley had his own private lair on the top floor of Graceland. The are has remained off-limits to the public since The King’s untimely death in 1977. But, did you know about Presley’s secret second bathroom located on another part of the property?

Graceland is Elvis Presley’s famed mansion sitting on a 13.8-acre estate in Memphis, Tennessee. The legendary musician’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley inherited the property after Presley’s death. It opened to the public just five years after Presley left this Earth at 42-years-old.

To this day, the Graceland’s upstairs area is off-limits to spectators, just like when The King was alive. Not surprising considering Presley’s last moments of life took place on this level. Regardless, there is a totally separate bathroom completely inaccessible on today’s Graceland tour.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate holds many treasures

Imagine a private bathroom covered in gold and leather complete with its own waiting area for guests. The secret room is upstairs in Graceland’s racquetball court behind the house. Apparently, the majestic powder room became part of the house for an additional $250,000 in 1975. This is quite a heft price tag considering Elvis paid $102,500 for the entire property back in 1957.

The Graceland tour includes a walk through the sports area with a stop at a very special piano Presley played on the morning before his death. But, the first floor isn’t actually on the public tour.

Amidst the increase in social-distancing rules, Express.co.uk took part in a virtual tour of the famed Graceland estate. Archivist Angie Marchese goes where not many have gone before heading upstairs in the racquetball court area. At the top is a landing area made to watch games. Additionally, an iPod plays a recognizable Elvis tune “Unchained Melody” throughout the house. Apparently, “Unchained Melody” is the chosen song because it’s the last song Ginger Alden and his cousin Billy Smith remember The King singing at the piano for the last time.

The tour continues stopping at the first door on the left. The room contains a guest changing area, a couple of showers, a toilet area, and of course gold-plated fixtures in the duel sinks. Additionally, shelves built into the wall store towels, shoes, and other items.

Another door down the hall opens into Elvis Presley’s legendary private bathroom. The door leads into a public waiting area decorated with leather chairs. The space also hosts a large walk-in closet and more importantly, a built-in jacuzzi dripping in gold-plated fixtures. Most notably is The King’s private sink. The gold sink replicates those from Presley’s private jet, the Lisa Marie. Last, but certainly not least are the five gold-plated showerheads located at the back of the bathroom.

With all these intricate, lavish details and more, Graceland is a sight to be seen, even today. Thanks to Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie, the Graceland estate has been perfectly preserved just as The King left it in 1977.

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