Elvis Presley’s Gold-Filled Dental Crown Goes Up for Auction

People will buy some really strange things if it means feeling close to a celebrity. In this case, it comes in the shape of Elvis Presley’s gold-filled crown. It’s a bit unusual for sure. But hey, to each their own. And owning a part of The King’s dental parts isn’t the strangest thing we’ve seen.

As a part of the Artifacts of Hollywood & Music auction, the dental work will go up for auction via Kruse GWS Auctions. The opening bid for the crown will start at $2,500 and go live for auction December 4 at 10 p.m. Pacific, per TMZ.

Further, there will also be other Elvis memorabilia as a part of the auction. These items include a handwritten letter from 1958 when he was stationed in Germany. The letter was penned to his cousin. Another interesting item will be an Elvis guitar which is signed by Robert Plant.

Personally, the guitar and letter seem a bit more displayable. But like we said, to each their own.

Interestingly, Elvis Presley’s gold-filled crown was passed down over the years. It first belonged to his fiance Linda Thompson before it was gifted to Jimmy Velvet. Then it spent time in a private collection after being sold in 1996 from the Elvis Presley Museum.

Former Costar Remembers Elvis Presley

While many celebrities from the 1950s and 60s remember Elvis Presley for many things, Nancy Sinatra says “The King of Rock and Roll” was the ‘funniest’ man she ever met.

We can see where she’s coming from. His on-screen antics and charismatic stage presence are what drew millions to worship him as an icon. Sinatra reflected on her former friend and costar in an interview with People.

“I know he was the funniest man and probably the most serious man I knew,” she said. “Both people in one. He made me laugh so hard. And at the same time, he would call me late at night to discuss things like the ghetto, and his concern for people in the ghetto.”

She went on to say:

“His humor was silly and self-deprecating. He made fun of himself which is a very endearing quality to have. We did have fun, that’s for sure.” Sinatra also says that there was some “friendly flirting” going on.

Additionally, Presley spent some time overseas serving in the armed forces. While he served, millions of people eagerly awaited his return – and some new music.

“Presley’s first professional commitment in his new civilian life was to spend two days in a studio in Nashville, recording material to be rushed out for sale to the 1,275,077 people who had placed advance orders for his new single while he was still in Germany, before the songs had even been selected,” the Guardian reports.

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