‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Star Patricia Heaton Looks Back on Iconic Thanksgiving Episode

There are so many classic Everybody Loves Raymond episodes from over the years, but there have always been a few episodes that just might stand out more than the rest. Star of the program alongside Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, went back into the archives to remember that hilarious Thanksgiving episode from years past.

“A tofu turkey?” Ray asks scared at what’s to come for the Barone family Thanksgiving. This episode highlighted the hilarious differences between Marie and Debra. This episode had everything fans loved about the show, down to Ray’s over-the-top spoiled nature, because, remember, everybody loves Ray in this universe.

Yes, this was a classic episode of a classic show from years ago. Heaton wrote for the caption, “Who is having a #tofurky this year? #HappyThanksgiving”.

Fans certainly agreed as one fan wrote, “Omg I loved this episode ”

Heaton And ”Everybody Loves Raymond’

Not everyone has seen Everybody Loves Raymond, though. The program ended over a decade ago, so one could imagine, even with the show popping back up on Peacock, that the younger folks are not familiar, or, at least, not as familiar as an older crowd with the show. It was a hit for the time period, with its hilarious wit and iconic family feuds, but it has been off the air for a long time now.

So, it should come as maybe no surprise that Heaton’s own children have not watched the show. No, seriously. Heaton told US Weekly hilariously, “I’m going to make them sit at my funeral for nine years of ‘Raymond.’”

This Heaton’s most iconic role, outside of The Middle, and her role as Debra and her feud with Ray’s mom Marie was what fans adored about the show. The premise was simple, but it worked. It is tough having your in-laws right across the street. The show ran for almost a decade for a reason, and yet, none of Heaton’s four boys have seen the program. How wild is that, Outsiders?

She continued, “It’s going to be the longest funeral in recorded history, and they are going to watch it, damn it!”

She mentioned that although her sons have not watched her in Raymond, they have made their way through Veep. So they have seen a lot of Julia Louis-Dreyfus over the years and her work, but not their own mothers. Heaton mentioned during the quarantine they ran through The Sopranos as well, but the kiddos, now all grown, have not watched any Everybodys Love Raymond.

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Cast Now

Does the Everybody Love Raymond cast stay-in-touch? Heaton said,”We don’t do [cast] group chats necessarily, but we are in communication.”

She concluded, “Ray does a wonderful job of [keeping us connected.] We have a party every year, a Labor Day party in L.A. that we all come to every year. It’s always rough when we, for some reason, have to cancel it.”

Although they are all in different places now, the Everybody Loves Raymond cast still sticks together which is nice to see.

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