Everybody Loves Raymond: The 9 Best Characters Introduced After Season 1

Most of the show's characters were introduced in season one, but those introduced in subsequent seasons add tons of humor and depth to the series

Although Everybody Loves Raymond is centered around the eponymous Raymond Barone and his immediate family, some of the characters introduced in later seasons add tremendous value to the series. The later additions deepen the show’s storylines and create opportunities for the show’s writers to add in jokes and B plots.

The first season of the show introduces viewers to the main characters, but it’s the later character additions that really allow the main characters to develop. Not all of the post-season one characters are likable, but they are all interesting additions.

9 The Whelans

Debra’s parents, Lois and Warren, are presented as upper-class people who spend their days leisurely traveling the world. Later in the series, it’s revealed that they actually can’t stand each other. Warren and Lois’ eventual split is one of the most realistic storylines on the show, and one that helps to explain Debra’s fears for her own marriage.

The Whelans’ incompatibility with the Barones is also a key feature in the show. Marie Barone’s envy of Lois shows in several episodes but is most obvious in the episode where Marie rudely calls Lois “party girl” and implies that Lois is scared to get old.

8 Sergeant Judy Potter – Season Two

Blunt police sergeant Judy is Robert’s work partner. Their relationship is mostly professional, though Judy does invite Robert out to a club when she learns that he has no friends. Robert misunderstands Judy’s motives and, thinks that Judy has developed a crush on him. He enlists Ray to talk to Judy on his behalf. Judy tells Ray that Robert’s odd behaviors make it difficult for her to mingle with him outside of work.

Judy’s bravery and mouthiness are the main elements of her character. She’s not above putting criminals – or anyone else – in their place. During a ride-along with Judy and Robert, Judy snaps at Ray when he becomes more annoying than she can tolerate. Judy’s forthrightness and zeal add humor to the show and provide a good contrast to Robert’s more dour personality.

7 Peter MacDougall – Season Seven

With his straggly long hair and generally unpleasant personality, Peter couldn’t be more different from his sister, Amy. That’s precisely what makes Peter such an interesting character. His petulant demands and quirkiness make for some highly amusing situations.

Initially, Peter doesn’t like any of the Barones, although he gradually warms to Robert, with whom he can moan about the annoyances of not being the family favorite. He remains consistently nerdy and immature for the duration of the series. The happiest moment for Peter is when he finds a girlfriend who mirrors his nerdish personality.

6 Jessica Bell – Season Two

Although Ray had no chance with the popular girl, Jessica, he still had a crush on her in their schooldays, as did all of his friends. They were from different worlds, though. In fact, Ray was so unpopular that mother Marie once had to convince Ray’s classmate, Elizabeth, to go on a pity date with Ray.

When Ray runs into Jessica at his high school reunion, he reverts back to the same awkward boy he was in high school, barely confident enough to say hello to Jessica. Debra, herself a popular girl in high school, clicks with Jessica, and Jessica invites Debra to sit at her table, causing Ray to become envious of Debra’s popularity.

5 Traffic Cop Timmy – Season Two

When Robert has to lead a class on safety, he finds that his own personality is too dull to hold the students’ attention. He decides to use Traffic Cop Timmy as a more exciting alternative. Timmy, a ventriloquist’s dummy, is outspoken and makes wisecracks about the entire family, but Timmy does make Robert’s road safety classes less tedious.

Although Timmy’s jokes are supposed to be funny, some of the jokes are merely thinly veiled barbs, indicative of the festering resentment that Robert harbors. Through Timmy, Robert is able to express his grievances to his family, but not much changes afterward and Robert’s position in the family remains the same.

4 Pat MacDougall

Pat appears innocent, and the facade of innocence is bolstered by her whisper of a voice and timid mannerisms. However, she is determined and secretive. She admitted to having masked a smoking habit for more than 20 years.

She also admitted to Ray that she walks twenty minutes each way to the library to read his articles. These two examples show that she is clearly determined to live her life as she pleases, even with her controlling husband dictating how their lives should be led.

3 Doug Heffernan – Season Three

Kevin James appears on the show first as Kevin and then again in season three as Doug Heffernan, a friend of Ray’s. Kevin James’ popularity on Everybody Loves Raymond earned him a main role in the spinoff series, King of Queens, which spanned an impressive nine seasons.

Although Doug was always an amusing character on Everybody Loves Raymond, it was the crossover episodes of the two shows that most allowed Kevin James’ comedic talent to shine. During these episodes, fans got a glimpse of Doug’s cheekiness and sarcastic sense of humor.

2 Stefania Fogagnolo – Season Five

Robert couldn’t resist Stefania when he met her in Italy, and he quickly delved into a holiday fling with her. Things seemed to end when Robert and his family flew back to America, but to his surprise, Stefania arrived on his doorstep with her overbearing father, Marco.

Robert quickly realized that whilst Stefania is beautiful, her personality is abrasive. She frequently does things that put Robert on edge. Eventually, he tires of Stefania’s demanding personality and ends things with her. Stefania, true to her character, reacts dramatically to the split.

1 Peggy – Season Six

Peggy is best remembered as the feisty Pioneer Girls leader who had a rivalry with Ray.  Peggy’s storylines are not always predictable, which adds depth to her character. In one of the weirdest episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, Peggy hits it off with Amy’s brother Peter. Despite Ray’s best efforts, no doubt driven by the fear that he would be seeing a lot more of his nemesis, he was unable to split them up.

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