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Fallout New Vegas Meme Shows Tony From The Sopranos Escaping a Deathclaw

A meme curator on Twitter mashed a clip of Tony from The Sopranos together with Fallout: New Vegas, showing the character escaping a Deathclaw.

In a meme shared on Twitter, fans of Fallout: New Vegas can get a kick out of watching Tony from The Sopranos running away from a Deathclaw. The Deathclaw is a well-known apex predator in the Fallout titles, its name appropriate for its massive claws. A few swipes can easily tear apart a player apart, and the sheer size of the creature is frightening enough on its own.

Though Fallout: New Vegas is one of the older Fallout titles, it is still beloved by Fallout fans. Like all the Fallout titles, players can explore a post-apocalyptic landscape ridden with creatures molded by radiation. The overarching themes in Fallout games give way to a world reshaped by nuclear warfare. This isn’t the first meme to come from Fallout fans either, as a fan recently mocked Fallout: New Vegas‘ recommended pathing with a Futurama meme.

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The meme curator for this artful piece was IGotSilver, having simply shared their edit on Twitter with the title “Escaping a Deathclaw in Fallout: New Vegas.” Fans of both Fallout and The Sopranos can laugh together as they watch a panicked Tony running first from a Deathclaw, and then from Cazadores, another of Fallout‘s grotesque enemies. Not only this, but the editor even gave Tony his very own Pipboy when he goes to check his watch.

This isn’t the first time a Sopranos edit like this has been made, as another commenter shared one that takes place in Skyrim. There, Tony runs away from a dragon instead of a Deathclaw. Putting a character like Tony Soprano into these worlds has brought fans laughter and joy, especially when the curator edits the footage in such a way that it makes sense. The clip created by IGotSilver has details that make it look like the characters are meant to be there, that it is some sort of special episode, or that they are in the game itself.

Bringing The Sopranos into the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout: New Vegas was an entertaining and creative combination that brought the tweet quick popularity. IGotSilver has met praise and laughter alike as the tweet has garnered 54.3K likes and nearly 15k retweets so far. Hard work pays off, especially when spreading humor in a world that needs more of it.

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