Fans Think Denzel Washington Is ‘Underutilized’ In Hollywood

Denzel Washington has a long resume in Hollywood, but fans still think he's underutilized.

Fans may have specific feelings about Denzel Washington’s career in Hollywood, but the truth is, he’s had a pretty good run. After decades in film, Denzel is a well-respected actor who doesn’t receive nearly the amount of negative press as other stars.

Not only that, but he’s well-regarded as a serious professional, especially because he didn’t use his own connections to get his son started in the industry. The problem, fans say, is that Denzel Washington’s talents are severely underutilized.

Fans Say Denzel Is One Of The Greatest Actors Alive

Fans are confused about Denzel Washington’s accolades up to this point. They seem to think that he’s simply overlooked in Hollywood in part because he is such a strong lead actor; he doesn’t need starring roles to make a living.

True, he’s had some issues behind the scenes with other celebrities. Rumor has it, Quentin Tarantino disliked Denzel for years, though fans can’t fathom why.

But when Ellen Pompeo made some derogatory comments about Denzel’s directorship on the set of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ hardly anyone was in her corner. Instead, the overall assumption was that Ellen was being a diva, and Denzel was in the right.

So why is Denzel so “underutilized,” as fans claim?

Fans Think Denzel Is Careful With His Career

Like other top actors, fans think that Denzel “goes about his projects and roles in a very calculated way.” In fact, some fans speculate that Denzel has a specific “formula” for the roles he takes on.

First, they point out, Washington tends to choose gigs where he works with the same directors. Next, he seems to enjoy being the lead actor in a “heroic” role.

The combination of working with people he meshes with (and who have good reputations) and only accepting high-profile, lead roles means that Denzel is very choosy about his acting trajectory.

Besides, say fans, it’s not like he needs the money and so has to accept every role he’s offered. And, they reason, if he did accept a secondary role, it just wouldn’t work; he’d blow the “lead” out of the water.

But the bottom line? Denzel Washington has the freedom to “pick a role for awards, for loyalty, or for spotlight,” and it’s a strategy that works for him.

That said, his formula isn’t a flawless one; not every one of his roles is a huge hit, so even if he’s underutilized, he also isn’t perfect.

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