From ‘M*A*S*H’ to ‘The Brady Bunch,’ Rita Wilson Has Quite the Classic TV Legacy

Actress Rita Wilson has a classic TV connection as she had appearances on both The Brady Bunch and MASH. Wilson, who may have been getting motherly roles later in her career, actually started out on The Brady Bunch. In one of the show’s episodes, she plays a cheerleader. Yet she also would appear much later in two episodes of MASH.

Wilson reportedly was 16 years old when appearing on The Brady Bunch. It’s titled Greg’s Triangle and IMDb has this as a synopsis: “Marcia thinks that a girl who is suddenly interested in Greg is actually using him so that Greg will vote for her as head cheerleader–over Marcia.” Wilson, as a 16-year-old, plays Pat Conway…not the girl Greg is interested in.

Rita Wilson Appeared In Two ‘M*A*S*H’ Episodes Years After ‘The Brady Bunch’

What about MASH? She plays Nurse Lacey in two Season 11 episodes titled Hey, Look Me Over and Blood and Guts. This is according to a MASH show fandom site. Well, we did mention how Rita Wilson would find herself in motherly roles in movies like Jingle All the Way. She talked about that in an interview in the 1990s with Knight-Ridder News Service.

“I am a mother, in real life,” Wilson said, according to an article from MeTV. “In this business, it’s never been my image to be the sex-bomb character who has to maintain an image in that way, otherwise people won’t relate to me sexually. That’s not an issue to me. It doesn’t come up.” The shift in how people saw the actress would happen after she and Hanks had their first child.

Actress Sets Record Straight About People Believing She’s Jealous Of Husband Tom Hanks

In that article for Knight-Ridder News Service, one critic states that “Wilson is everybody’s idea of the perfect mom”. Why? Well, the critic writes it is because “she’s the first actress filmmakers think of when they’re casting a mother.”

People know her from being Hanks’ wife and they have been together since the 1980s. Still, sometimes she would like to get other roles than those mother types. There have been some who thought she was jealous of her husband’s fame and fortune. She sets the record straight in a 1996 interview with The New York Times. “Oh, people have always thought that about me,” Wilson said. “You know, ‘It must be really hard being married to Tom because he’s so famous and you’re so….’”

How did Hanks and Wilson meet? Well, it was when he was on the ABC sitcom Bosom Buddies with actor Peter Scolari. M*A*S*H would come along years after they were married

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