Game Of Thrones: 10 Best Changes The Show Made, According To Reddit

While fans criticized Game of Thrones for straying too far from the source material, fans on Reddit highlighted some changes that actually worked.

Though Game of Thrones was the biggest show on television, there were still plenty of things fans found to criticize. One of the biggest issues they took with the show was veering too far from the source material. Despite George R.R. Martin’s novel series remaining unfinished, many fans see his work as the definitive take on this story.

Of course, with any adaptation, changes need to be made and fans will inevitably get upset. But there were changes made by the show that fans on Reddit actually admit were improvements to the story.

10Aging Up The Characters

Game of Thrones featured a lot of standout child actors doing great work in their younger roles. However, in the books, many of the main characters are much younger than they appear in the show. The likes of Daenerys, Jon, and Robb were all teenagers while Ned Stark was a man in his 30s.

The characters were all aged up considerably likely to make some of their more intense storylines somewhat easier to handle but it also feels more appropriate for the characters’ journeys. Redditor ElegantWoes went so far as to say it is the “only good thing they have done” in terms of changes to the book.

9Daenerys In Meereen

It is interesting that Daenerys was such a fan-favorite character in the story, but spent so much time separated from the other main characters. By the time her story brought her to Meereen, fans seemed ready to get her to Westeros but the wait was even longer in the books.

Daenerys’s time in Meereen in the novels is extended and filled with various political machinations and dealing with the complications of ruling. Redditor LeaveItToYourGoat felt it would “render her whole plotline stagnant” and preferred the more concise approach the show took.

8Sansa And Shae’s Relationship

There were a lot of fun duos on Game of Thrones, some of which came about quite unexpectedly. When Sansa was kept as a prisoner in King’s Landing, she ended up forming a bond with Shae as her handmaiden. Shae became someone Sansa could confide in and Shae became protective of her.

This relationship doesn’t exist in the books as the characters are largely kept apart. But one Redditor expressed their appreciation for the friendship if only “to have Sansa not be entirely alone” while in King’s Landing.

7Giving Olenna A Bigger Role

With such a massive cast, it stands to reason that some of the book characters will be underutilized on the show. However, Olenna Tyrell represented a rare character whose role was actually beefed up for the show.

Though she is shown to be an intelligent and powerful leader in the novels, Olenna doesn’t take part in much of the story. However, she is given a much bigger role in the show, quickly becoming a fan favorite. One Redditor praised Diane Rigg’s performances, saying that she “really brought the character to life in a good way.”

6Robert And Cersei’s Conversation

With each chapter of the books being told from a specific character’s perspective, some of the non-POV characters are not explored as much in the novels. And despite their prominence in the first novel, Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister are among them.

However, the show made a change by including a new conversation scene between the two characters, addressing their life together. Though a short scene, Redditor swright10 felt it “added a ton of depth to their characters.”

5Tyrion’s Confession

In both the books and the show, it is not hard to see how Tyrion Lannister became the standout character. Martin gave Tyrion many of the best lines, but the show took the character even further in terms of his comedic sensibilities.

Many fans pointed to Tyrion’s “confession” scene while held prisoner in The Eyrie as an improvement with Redditor Funny-Zookeepergame saying it was “a lot funnier in the show.” Instead of confessing to the crime he’s accused of, Tyrion went on a long explanation of all the twisted pranks he pulled as a child.

4Theon’s Guilt

Theon Greyjoy was given a much larger role in the second novel and the second season as he grappled with trying to prove himself. This led him down a dark path as he seized Winterfell in the name of the Ironborn and became the villain.

In the show, despite the awful things Theon did, his obvious guilt over his actions suggested he wasn’t too far gone. However, the books made him much less sympathetic, and as a result, Redditor Dawhale24 found it “difficult to believe his remorse” later on.

3The Battle Of Castle Black

It was always exciting to see the big battle scenes on Game of Thrones. Of course, without budget constraints, the books often featured a much grander scope, but the Battle of Castle Black was one example where the smaller fight made for a more entertaining one.

In the book, when the Wildlings attacked Castle Black, it was split into two separate battles. Though it featured some exciting moments, Redditor nickgarcia16 complained that it became “a bit of a drag” whereas the show offered one huge action sequence.

2The Massacre At Hardhome

The White Walkers are very much a foreboding threat in the books, but one that has been talked about more than actually seen. This was largely the case in the show as well until they stepped out of the shadows at Hardhome.

The attack on Hardhome happens in the books but is only heard about from reports. Having Jon Snow in the midst of this terrifying battle and introducing the leader of the White Walkers, the Night King, made them “a more present threat” according to Redditor DEL994.

1No Lady Stoneheart

Given the amount of material in the books, there were entire storylines that ended up being eliminated in the television show. One of the biggest aspects that fans were expecting to see that never came to fruition was Lady Stoneheart.

Following the Red Wedding, Catelyn Stark’s body is found by Beric Dondarrion and he resurrects her. She becomes a half-dead vengeful figure known as Lady Stoneheart. However, one Redditor admitted this was one of Martin’s rare missteps as a writer and the character would have been “very corny to see on TV.”

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