Game Of Thrones: Every Family Confirmed For House Of The Dragon (So Far)

HBO's House of the Dragon airs in 2022; details of the casting & characters give fans some idea of who they can expect to see once the show releases.

With HBO’s new Game of Thrones spinoff series House of the Dragon set to air its first season in 2022, details of the casting and characters give fans some idea of who they can expect to see once the show releases.

While those familiar with the history created by author George R.R Martin may expect to see familiar families such as the Starks and Tyrells make an appearance somewhere down the line, House of the Dragon will also feature many noble houses not prominently featured in Game of Thrones.

8House Hightower Helped Spark The War

Though it is House Tyrell that holds the title of Lords Paramount of the Reach, there are many powerful houses located in this region and few more so than the esteemed House Hightower. Ruling over the city of Oldtown, their seat is the castle known as the Hightower, a massive, fortified lighthouse that was said to have been built by the famed architect from the Age of Heroes, Bran the Builder, who is also said to be the founder of House Stark.

In the time of the Dance of Dragons, members of House Hightower hold important positions in the courts of the Targaryen rulers. One member is Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King to three Targaryen rulers including Viserys I. Another member is Queen Alicent Hightower, wife to Viserys and a key factor in the cause of the civil war after his death.

7House Velaryon Is A Lesser Known Valyrian Family

Some fans who are only familiar with the Game of Thrones show and not the expanded lore within the books may mistakenly believe that the Targaryens were the only Valyrian family in Westeros, but this was not the case. There were a handful of others, the most powerful and important of which was House Velaryon of Driftmark.

The Velaryon’s were said to have come to Westeros even before the Targaryens and have been some of the closest allies of the Targaryens since the Seven Kingdoms were founded. One of their most famous members is Corlys Velaryon, known as the Sea Snake, an explorer famed for his wealth who lived during the Dance of Dragons. Many Velaryons tamed dragons and rode them into battle during the civil war.

6House Beesbury Was A Minor House From The Reach

House Beesbury may not be one of the major houses of Westeros, but some of its members have played small but notable roles throughout its history. Said to have been founded by Ellyn Ever Sweet, a daughter of Garth Greenhand, the Beesbury’s rule over Honeyholt which lies along the Honeywine river near the city of Oldtown.

In the years leading up to the Dance of Dragons, Lord Lyman Beesbury served on the small council as the Master of Coin to King Viserys I. This was most likely the height of the House’s influence in the Seven Kingdoms and they faded to relative obscurity after this time.

5House Strong Once Ruled The Ruined Castle Of Harrenhal

Said to have descended from the First Men, House Strong is a noble family from the Riverlands that joined with House Tully in ousting the Ironborn. The Ironborn ruled over the Riverlands for many years before it was taken over by Aegon the Conquerer and House Targaryen. House Strong eventually came in possession of the ruined castle of Harrenhal after its destruction by Balerion, the Black Dread.

House Strong is an important and influential house during the time in which House of the Dragon takes place, with many of their members serving in important positions in the courts of the Targaryen kings, often as powerful knights and warriors. However, like most families that have come to possess the supposedly cursed castle of Harrenhal, House Strong would eventually fall from grace and power in their later years.

4House Westerling Was Once An Important Family In The Westerlands

Once one of the more notable houses in the Westerlands, House Westerling served the Lannisters as one of their principal bannermen from their castle known as the Crag. Fans of the books will recognize that name as the noble house from which Robb Stark’s wife Jeyne came, though in HBO’s Game of Thrones, this role was instead filled by a common woman named Talisa.

Throughout much of their history House Westerling was a prominent family, with one of their members, Ser Harrold Westerling, becoming Lord Commander of the Kingsguard during the Dance of Dragons. In later years, however, they fell in status and influence until they were little more than a minor house clinging to the vestiges of their pride and honor.

3House Cole Had One Very Important Member

One of the most minor houses in the lands known as the Dornish Marches, House Cole were vassals of the Dondarrion’s and were, for the most part, an obscure and unimportant family throughout almost all of their history. That is, with one very important exception.

Ser Criston Cole was the son of the steward of Blackhaven, the seat of House Dondarrion, and would eventually become the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard under Viserys I. He plays a major role in the events that spark the war known as the Dance of Dragons and will no doubt feature heavily in the first season of House of the Dragon.

2 House Lannister Has Long Been Players Of The Game

Well known to anyone even vaguely familiar with Game of Thrones, House Lannister is infamous for producing the trio of siblings, Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion, that would go on to play some of the most important roles during both the books and the HBO series.

The Lannisters have a long and storied history that begins long before the time during which A Song of Ice and Fire takes place. Their wealth and position at Casterly Rock as the Wardens of the West has ensured they play an important part in the Seven Kingdoms, including during the Dance of Dragons.

1 House Targaryen Is The House Of The Dragon

There is no house more powerful or influential during the course of Westerosi history than that of House Targaryen. Founded by Aegon the Conquerer and his two sisters, on the backs of their dragons they would carve out the realm that would later come to be known as the Seven Kingdoms.

In the Game of Thrones series the Targaryens have been ousted from power by House Baratheon, but during the Dance of Dragons they were at their height. The Targaryens had several dragon riders among their ranks and many important members that would go on to fight against their own family in the war that would go on to consume the lands around them.

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