Game Of Thrones: The 10 Best Reunions, According To Ranker

With many Game of Thrones characters spending a long time separated from each other, it made for some crowd-pleasing reunions throughout the show.

With such a huge ensemble, the characters of Game of Thrones were always quite spread out throughout Westeros and beyond. In many cases, this resulted in characters that were very close being separated for extended periods. These separations were always sad, but they often led to some great reunions.

In some cases, these reunions were between family members who had not seen each other in a long time. Others were great friends who fans loved to see together. And some of them were enemies who reunited with plenty of tension. Whatever the circumstances, these are the Game of Thrones reunions Ranker users liked best.

10Jon And Bran

Sometimes a reunion on the show reminds the viewers of just how long it has been since the two characters last met. For Jon and Bran, they last spoke in the first episode of the show before Bran’s fall. Though Jon visited Bran before he left for Castle Black, Bran was in a coma and no one expected him to wake.

The two reunite in the final season as Jon brings Daenerys to Winterfell. Seeing Jon leap from his horse at the sight of Bran and kissing his head is heartwarming. But it is a bittersweet reunion as Jon sees Bran is not the young boy he once knew.

9Daenerys And Jorah

The relationship between Daenerys and Jorah had its ups and downs, especially after she found out he once spied on her for Robert Baratheon. And when she finally does forgive him, he reveals that he has greyscale and must stay away from her.

Though they likely never expected to see each other again, Jorah is cured and goes to Dragonstone to rejoin his queen’s company. After everything they had been through, all the troubles are instantly forgotten as Daenerys doesn’t hesitate to welcome him back.

8Tormund And Brienne

One of the most unexpected and crowd-pleasing relationships in the series was between Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth. To be fair, it was a mostly one-sided thing as Tormund had a very unsubtle crush on Brienne which she was very weirded out by.

It made for some of the funniest moments in the series, even as all the characters prepared for their battle against the Night King. Tormund forgets about their impending doom upon seeing Brienne again and launches into a bizarre story about how he got his name which he incorrectly assumes will impress her.

7Brienne And The Hound

One of the most brutal fights in Game of Thrones was between Brienne and The Hound in season 4. Both of these powerful warriors take a beating which ends with The Hound being presumably left for dead. So it came as a surprise to both of them when they ran into each other in King’s Landing in season 7.

But despite their previous run-in, the reunion between these former enemies is actually quite amicable. There is some joy in seeing these two people who nearly killed each other showing mutual respect for each other.

6Arya And Gendry

Arya Stark is not someone who makes friends easily, but she forms a very sweet connection with Gendry. Though they often bickered like siblings, fans could see that there was something more there. That made it all the more heartbreaking when Gendry was taken away by Melisandre.

In the final season, Arya and Gendry finally reunite at Winterfell as the battle with the White Walkers looms. With death looking like a certainty, Arya and Gendry consummate their connection in a moment that gave fans what they were hoping for and gave the characters a brief moment of happiness.

5Tyrion And Sansa

Though Tyrion and Sansa may have had the least tragic wedding on Game of Thrones, it was still an unpleasant marriage neither of them wanted. They last saw each other at Joffrey’s eventful wedding before Sansa fled King’s Landing.

When they meet again in Winterfell, it is not an overly friendly reunion but another one filled with respect. Tyrion sees that Sansa has grown into a clever political player while Sansa is glad to see Tyrion alive. They even share a dark joke together about Joffrey’s memorable death.

4Sam And Jon

Whenever he faced the countless challenges that came his way, Jon Snow could turn to his best friend Sam for support. Not surprisingly, shortly after Sam is sent to the Citadel, Jon is murdered by his comrades. But after his resurrection and Sam’s studying, they reunite in Winterfell.

However, the reunion is more complicated than fans might have expected. Not only is Sam still reeling from the news that Daenerys kills his father and brother, but he also revealed the truth about Jon’s parents. Certainly, it is probably the most eventful reunion on the show.

3Jaime And Brienne

In another case of former enemies becoming closer, Jaime Lannister and Brienne developed one of the most fan-pleasing relationships in the series. They shared trust, respect, and love for each other as two warriors burdened by the misconceptions people have about them.

Their reunion comes at a bit of an awkward time as they are on opposite sides of the great meeting in King’s Landing. There is a funny moment as Cersei recognizes the charged look shared between them, but the two companions still get the chance to share brief and tense words that encourage the best in each other.

2Arya And The Hound

Though The Hound initially kidnapped Arya, his character arc in Game of Thrones is very much tied to his relationship with her. He continues to hold an unspoken fondness for her, even after she left him to die following his fight with Brienne.

When they meet again in Winterfell, their previous encounter is certainly not forgotten. They remain cold and insulting to each other, but under the surface, it is clear that these two killers share some connection no one else understands.

1Jon And Arya

One of the most heartwarming scenes in the entire series is in season 1 when Jon gives Arya her first sword. It is hard to believe that these two characters didn’t meet again until the final season of the show.

Arya quickly proves that she has grown into a warrior in that time, a journey that began with that sword. Yet her badass demeanor cannot last and she and Jon embrace after being apart so long. Of all the Stark children, these two always seemed the closest and it was such a relief to see them together again.

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