‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Tina Louise Once Revealed Sexiest Costar on Classic Series

There’s no doubt that there was evident chemistry between the cast of “Gilligan’s Island.” As for Tina Louise, the actress who played redheaded bombshell Ginger Grant, she knows precisely which cast member she would’ve hooked up with given a chance.

Although, there weren’t many options for the Hollywood starlet. As you’ll recall, the male cast consisted of the Skipper, the Professor, the millionaire, and Gilligan. However, during an interview, Louise revealed who she would’ve hooked up with had she been stranded on an island in real life.

“It’s Jim,” she said of Jim Backus, who starred as the married millionaire Thurston Howell III. However, it may not have been all about looks. According to Louise, she was drawn to him because “Jim was hilarious.”

She added, “He was so funny and he used to go to the psychiatrist every day and tell me the news of the day. He had a great sense of humor,” she added of her former castmember, calling him adorable.”

“I think the Professor read too many books,” she remarked of her other options. “[Gilligan] was just very nervous and scared to death and talked so fast. He was so shy.”

Although her window for flirting with the millionaire may have closed, she still fondly looks back at her time on the show. She’s the only surviving cast member from the CBS sitcom about seven castaways that debuted over 50 years ago on Sept. 26, 1964.

Tina Louise from ‘Gilligan’s Island’ still looking for love

Far away from any deserted island, she currently lives in New York. But, even at 88, Louise says she’s still searching for love.

“I’m open. I’m open. I’m open to life,” Louise said in an interview. “These days, I’m still not going out very far. If I go out with a friend, it’s once in two weeks.” As for dating later in her life, Louise has a strong message: “Don’t number me.” She adds, “Numbers are not what you look like or how you live your life … Buddha said, ‘Live in the present moment. Wisely and earnestly.’”

Today, Louise still looks for the same qualities she saw in the millionaire so many years ago.

“He’d be funny, have a good heart and money wouldn’t matter if we were stuck on an Island,” she said of her potential match. “I like John Oliver. I like his dimples. I like him. He’s terrific. Bright. Cute. Funny.” Louise added of the HBO host, “You have to enjoy each other’s company and have something to talk about. That’s important.”

Louis was picked up for “Gilligan’s Island” while she was performing with Carol Burnett in the 1964 Broadway musical comedy “Fade Out-Fade In.”

However, in the pilot episode, you won’t see her. Her character was a secretary, played by actress Kit Smythe. Showrunners cast Louise after they decided to turn her into the beautiful bombshell.

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