Laurel and Hardy

Gloucester’s vintage cinema is showing Laurel and Hardy classic

The iconic short will be shown before new film Stan and Ollie

Gloucester’s vintage cinema is celebrating the release of the new film Stan and Ollie in a unique way.

Sherborne Cinema are giving audiences a glimpse into the iconic world of one of the most famous comedy duos in cinematic history.

The Sherborne Cinema Gloucester will be showing Stan and Ollie (Image: SIMON PIZZEY)

For two weeks, the independent cinema will be showing the new movie Stan and Ollie. The biographical film is based on the later lives of the famous double act and focuses on how their relationship shifted slightly during a difficult period in their careers.

The film stars actors and comedians Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly as Stanl Laurel and Oliver Hardy and has been warmly received by critics. The movie has also scooped a number of award nominations, including Best Actor and Best Outstanding British Film.

The Sherborne Cinema Gloucester (Image: SIMON PIZZEY)

And during its run at the Sherborne cinema, filmgoers are in for a real treat. Until Thursday, February 7, before the screening of the new film, the cinema will be showing Laurel and Hardy’s classic 1932 comedy short film The Music Box.

The iconic black and white short shows the accident prone duo trying to deliver a piano to a house up a flight of steps and won the first Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film (Comedy) award.

The 141-seat cinema was originally built in 1880 and so is a perfect venue for a trip back in time.

L to R ; Manager Mark Cunningham and Assistant Mananager Ross Campbell in the 141-seater cinema

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