‘Gunsmoke’: Here’s What Happened to the Actor Behind Matt Dillon’s Loyal Deputy Marshal After the Show

Marshal Matt Dillon had a loyal deputy marshal backing him up on “Gunsmoke” on CBS. So, what happened to him after the show?

First off, let’s offer a little perspective. An article from Wide Open Country recalls actor Roger Ewing, who played Thad Greenwood on the classic TV Western. Second, Ewing appeared on “Gunsmoke” between 1965-67. Third, the Greenwood character ended its run in 1967 as CBS was taking the show off of their primetime lineup.

But CBS Chairman William Paley removed the show from the cancellation heap and put it back on board.

When “Gunsmoke” did come back, though, Ewing was not part of the show. His time on the show lasted 52 episodes and they would not retain the character at all.

‘Gunsmoke’ Actor Found Work On TV Shows, Movies After Role Ended

What did Ewing do after his time on “Gunsmoke” ended? He found some work on shows like the Eve Arden-Kaye Ballard sitcom “The Mothers-In-Law” along with “𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙 Valley Days.” Films included “Smith!” in 1969 and “Play It As It Lays” in 1972.

One interesting appearance for Ewing was on the popular game show “The Dating Game.” He was among the eligible bachelors appearing while a young actress named Lindsay Wagner made her choice. Wagner, of course, would play “The Bionic Woman” in a few years.

Oh, Wagner did not pick Roger Ewing. She decided to take up a date with a teacher who was among the bachelor group.

He did not do anything as an actor after that last movie. But being around cameras would be a part of Ewing’s future as he would spend time as a photographer.

“Gunsmoke” would be a part of CBS’ lineup until 1975 and Ewing had a part in the show’s success.

James Arness Shared Details On One Character He Always Was Asked About

James Arness, though, appeared on “Gunsmoke” throughout all of its run on CBS.

Yet what character did the actor get asked about all the time? Chester Goode.

“He was such an integral part of the show, and people loved his character of Chester,” Arness said about Dennis Weaver, who played Chester, in the Los Angeles Times. “He and I used to go out on appearances in the early years — we traveled all over the country together at fairs and rodeos — and his character was just indelibly etched in the minds of millions of people around the country.

“Everywhere you went, people would ask, ”How’s Chester?’”

Weaver played Chester from 1955-64. He was yet another sidekick to the marshal.

All these years later, Outsiders, “Gunsmoke” remains a rerun staple. Turn on a channel running Western-themed programming and you can probably see Matt, Miss Kitty, Doc, and the whole gang.

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