Hawaii 5-0: The 10 Best Characters Introduced After Season 1

There are many iconic characters in Hawaii Five-0. However, some of the best of them were introduced after season 1.

The crime procedural, Hawaii Five-0, follows the task force as they investigate crimes throughout the Hawaiian islands. Each team member brings a unique skill to the 5-0, whether it be police officer training, military experience, or scientific intelligence that helps to solve the case.

While the original team from season 1 is a powerhouse, there have also been several other exciting additions added to the show afterward. From new members of the squad that help defeat the bad guys, to the friends and family that help strengthen the bonds between them all, these are just some of the fan favorites that are introduced as the series progresses.

10 Lori Weston 

A profiler with Homeland Security, Lori Weston temporarily joins the 5-0 squad in season 2. Even though she is meant to be a supervisor for the governor, she ends up siding with the team when they go on some unauthorized missions.

Her time with 5-0 is brief, yet she stands out due to the romantic tension she has with Steve; she even confesses she has feelings for him when she resigns. Fans also love the fact that she never backs down from a challenge, whether it be in or out of the field.

9 Quinn Liu 

Quinn is the newest member of the 5-0 Task Force, joining in season 10. Quinn is formerly a staff sergeant with the Army, but she is demoted for insubordination. Because she is introduced in the last season, not much is learned about her in comparison to the other characters.

However, that is also what makes her memorable; she is the freshest face that viewers are introduced to. She also stands out for her determination to do the right thing, even when it costs her personally.

8 Dr. Noelani Cunha

Dr. Noelani Cunha is introduced in season 7 as the medical examiner for the Honolulu Police Department. The character also appears on the CBS series Magnum P.I.

Despite the gravity of her job, Noelani has a bright smile and warm personality as she helps the 5-0 team with their cases. She is also remarkably brave when faced with danger, even though she is not a law enforcer like the rest of the task force.

7 Debra “Deb” McGarrett

There have been several great family relatives introduced into Hawaii Five-0, but one the fans were particularly fond of was Steve’s lovable Aunt Deb. She first appears in season 4 during a Thanksgiving visit, where it is revealed that she has a brain tumor.

In her following appearances, it becomes obvious through her caring nature that she became a surrogate mother for Steve when he was most in need of one. With her diagnosis, Deb is determined to live the rest of her life to the fullest.

6 Joe White

Joe White is introduced in season 2 as the Navy SEAL, who mentors Steve during his time in the service. He helps Steve and the 5-0 squad on several occasions. With Steve’s biological father dying at the beginning of the series, the history he has with Joe makes the older man a replacement father figure.

When he is killed in season 9 by a surprising villain, who turned out to be a former flame of Steve’s, every viewer feels Steve’s sorrow for his loss.

5 Jerry Ortega

Jerry Ortega is introduced to the team in season 4 as a high school friend of 5-0 member, Chin Ho Kelly. A conspiracy theorist, Jerry has intel that proves to be very helpful, when the squad is dealing with more covert operations. Over time, Jerry is hired on as a consultant and is even an official HPD badge.

Fans loved Jerry because he provides a different perspective compared to the rest of the team since he doesn’t come from a law enforcement background. He also provides some comic relief with his social awkwardness.

4 Tani Rey

Tani is recruited by Steve and Danny to join the Task Force in season 8 after getting kicked out of the police academy. Tani is willing to bend the rules at times, especially when it comes to her younger brother Koa, who she tries to keep out of danger.

She ends up extending that same caring and protective instinct to the rest of her 5-0 teammates, which draws a lot of viewers to her.

3 Junior Reigns

A former Navy SEAL looking for a purpose when he returns home, Junior Reigns is another new member of the 5-0 Task Force in Season 8. Junior starts off eager to impress Steve McGarrett, whose reckless reputation he has heard about beforehand; they end up developing a good mentor & mentee connection.

While he has a generally positive attitude, there are some family issues that give his character depth. He eventually develops a relationship with his teammate Tani that many fans end up shipping.

2 Lou Grover

Originally a cop in Chicago, Lou Grover is introduced as the head of the Honolulu SWAT team during season 4. When he is forced into early retirement, Steve invites him to join the 5-0 Task Force despite the initial friction they have. As a seasoned veteran, Lou is a good source of wisdom and sarcasm for the team. Viewers also appreciate his loyalty to his group and the strong, loving relationship he had with his wife.

1 Adam Noshimuri

Adam Noshimuri comes a long way from where viewers first meet him in season 2. The son of a Yakuza boss, Adam abandons the criminal path when he falls in love with 5-0 member, Kono Kalakua. He is eventually offered a spot on the Task Force by Danny.

Even though he is now on the right side of the law, he still has a tendency to bend the rules, fitting into the “bad boy” archetype. Though many fans are heartbroken when his relationship with Kono ends, they appreciate how Adam does a complete turnaround from the son of a criminal to crime fighter.

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