Hawaii Five-0: 10 Best Couples, Ranked

Hawaii Five-0 had ten seasons worth of romances, relationships, and ultimately many couples. Some were far better than others though.

After a decade, Hawaii Five-0 recently officially came to a conclusion, but it’s left behind plenty of couples to love, hate, or both. Danny and Rachel were never quite on the same page, but they had a compelling will-they, won’t-they relationship. Kono and Adam were a solid couple, at least until Kono joined a task force on the mainland and they eventually broke up.

Chin and Malia were the perfect couple, whose time together was cut tragically short. Some couples should have stayed together, or simply should have come to be, like with Steve and Alicia. No two couples have the same story, which made it all so engaging.

10 Steve & Alicia

Though they never had a confirmed relationship, there was certainly chemistry and sparks flying between these two. Alicia, a former FBI profiler, first appears in the seventh season of Hawaii Five-0, and she is reluctant to help Five-0 capture a serial killer, having taken a step back from chasing killers. However, she is forced into it when a body is left in her bed.

She and Steve are later kidnapped and left to drown, and Steve was there for her, saving both of their lives in the process, and later recovering together. Why nothing more came of this potential relationship is a mystery, but Steve and Alicia certainly had a connection.

9 Danny & Rachel

Danny and Rachel’s relationship is complicated and stormy, to say the least. It’s frequently on and off throughout the series. Danny followed Rachel and their daughter Grace to Hawaii when they moved prior to the events of the pilot episode, and the two were on the outs at the time, fighting constantly.

However, their relationship bettered to the point that they had an affair, resulting in a son that Danny wouldn’t find out until years later was actually his and not Rachel’s husband’s. Rachel isn’t always honest with Danny, and Danny’s career as a cop often comes between them; however, behind their animosity lies a friendship and partnership that is genuine, as Danny will always be there for her and their children.

8 Grace & Will

Young love is strong between Danny’s daughter and Lou’s son. Of course, Danny isn’t initially so pleased that his daughter is now dating. However, Grace and Will clearly care for each other deeply. They attended the winter formal together, and when hostiles took over, Will really proved himself to Danny.

Danny even saw Will and Grace eventually marrying when he was shot and imagining a future for the people around him. It’s easy to see Will and Grace as husband and wife someday; they were certainly high school sweethearts.

7 Tani & Junior

Tani and Junior had chemistry from the start. They flirt a bit in their interactions and have an easy rapport with one another. When Junior was kidnapped, Tani and Quinn worked with the Magnum P.I. cast to retrieve him, with Tani physically hurting the programmer of the SD card they needed once he erased the information on it as she was terrified he’d killed Junior in doing so.

Tani had just asked out Junior for drinks prior to his abduction, furthering her desperation to get him back as they had been about to take the next step in their relationship. She and Junior cared for each other deeply and were obviously meant to be.

6 Chin & Abby

Chin meets Abby in Season 6, and their lives are never the same afterward. Abby is a detective from San Francisco, allegedly shadowing Five-0 as San Francisco wants to establish their own task force. Though the truth about why Abby is really in Hawaii comes out, it doesn’t deter Chin’s relationship with her, and he later moves with her and his niece Sara to San Francisco.

Abby was Chin’s chance at having love again following the murder of his beloved wife; though Chin had dated after Malia’s death, his relationship with Abby was the most serious, and the one that lasted.

5 Lou & Renee

Lou and Renee have a strong bond as husband and wife. They’ve been together for a long time, and know each other well. They share two children and survived a wild escapade as they fought for their lives in the wilderness together. There’s nothing these two can’t face and ultimately overcome.

Although, Lou did find himself in trouble with his wife when he forgot about Valentine’s Day. Luckily, it was only a brief hiccup in their relationship, as they later made up.

4 Kono & Adam

Kono and Adam had a stormy relationship that wasn’t easy, but they loved each other and stuck by one another through everything. Kono’s relationship with Adam wasn’t initially well perceived by those around her, especially Chin, but that changed as time went on.

She went on the run with Adam, she waited for him when he ended up in prison, and Adam was there for her when she needed him most, namely when she was left to drown by Frank Delano’s men in the Season 2 finale. They even married in Season 5. Despite everything, however, the two ended up drifting apart and broke up in Season 9.

3 Steve & Catherine

Steve’s most serious relationship in the decade that Hawaii Five-0 was on was with Catherine, a fellow member of the military. Steve and Catherine had known each other for quite some time prior to the events of the pilot episode and were on and off throughout the series. She and Steve shared a special connection and were there for each other.

Steve often called Catherine asking for favors to help with his investigations, and would pay her back in dates. In the series finale, Catherine joins Steve on the plane leaving Hawaii, implying that perhaps they’ll finally end up together for good.

2 Sabrina & Max

Medical examiner Max was adorable when it came to how nervous he was to ask out Sabrina, a bank teller he’d developed a big crush on. The day he’s going to ask her out, however, is the day that the bank she works for is robbed, and she’s shot in the process.

Max never leaves her side; from the crime scene to the hospital, he’s there for her, and they share a sweet date in the hospital cafeteria. Sabrina was seen again in attendance at a Halloween party with Max, in which he was the one to end up in the hospital in that particular episode, and she sticks by him. The love they had for each other was obvious, and they later married.

1 Chin & Malia

Malia was Chin’s fiancée prior to his falling out with the Honolulu Police Department over missing money from the asset forfeiture locker. As audiences later found out, Chin never took the money, instead taking the blame to protect a family member, and broke things off with Malia to protect her from the fallout.

However, he and Malia reconnected and got back together, eventually marrying in the second season. Unfortunately, Chin and Malia’s beautiful love story met a tragic end when Malia was killed by one of Frank Delano’s accomplices.

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