“Hawaii Five-0” final: At the end there was a big love surprise

Last Friday the last episode of “Hawaii Five-0” aired in the USA. After more than ten years, the successful series was pulled. The interest in the final was correspondingly high: at the end there were very strong ones Audience ratings. The 9.35 million viewers ensured the highest rate since January 2018. What exactly they got to see, we want to tell in the following. Attention, spoilers follow naturally to the series finale of “Hawaii Five-0”.

“Hawaii Five-0” – Happy End für Steve

Got it in the last two episodes Steve McGarrett to do with Daiyu Mei. She is the widow of Wo Fat and blames McGarrett for her husband’s death. Now she wants bloody revenge. But it was especially Danno who felt this, who a few weeks ago could be seen covered in blood on press photos. But don’t worry: Both Danno and Steve are going into series retirement alive.

The final scene, however, was surprising. Steve, who has decided to leave the American archipelago, is sitting on the plane when a woman asks him if the seat next to him is still vacant. It is Catherine Rollinsto whom he was almost engaged once. In seasons 3 and 4 she was still part of the regular cast. Since then she has been there sporadically. It becomes clear that she helped solve the case in the background – and is now accompanying Steve. “Are you ready?” She asks, to which Steve replies, “Yes.” He takes her hand, they smile to each other and the plane takes off.

Hawaii Five-0 – Emotional Farewell

At the end of the day, Steve actor Alex O’Loughlin is all 240 Episodes to book. But it seems like he already has his peace found with the deposition. So he says:

“I feel like McGarrett has come full circle, that he achieved what he wanted to achieve, that he learned what he needed to learn. He realizes that now he needs to explore the world a little. I had too this realization. Sometimes gardening, spending time with my kids. Talking about it makes it so unreal. Without this show I would never have met my wife, my children. The show has a very deep meaning to me. It is hard to talk about. “

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